How To Make a Standout Business Card

standout business card

When it comes to prospects and clients, business cards are frequently the first impression. A business card, like any first impression, should stand out and set your company apart from the competitors. 

A unique business card will not only be less likely to be thrown away, but it will also demonstrate to a potential customer that you think outside the box. You are thorough in your work and produce excellent outcomes. Use creative business card design service for a striking design that clearly expresses your business, combined with high-quality paper, possibly with an intriguing texture, can make all the difference.

Using method, create texture

Humans are tactile beings, therefore using unique papers or printing techniques to give texture to your business card may truly improve the design. In the hands of a prospect, embossing your company logo on the back of the card or employing letterpress engraving are wonderful ways to make your card feel unique and stand out over smoother cards. 3D design elements such as subtle 3D texture-raised logos or text, or even a card that folds can truly lend an additional dimension to your cards. Before mass printing, test these new approaches on a tiny run of cards to check the new texture is what you expected.

Use an unusual material

Despite the fact that there are a million various types of paper available, most business cards are printed on basic white card stock. To make your card feel more substantial, use heavier paperweights. Also, consider textured papers for the creative business card design service. If your company currently uses unique textures, using these textures on one or both sides of your card is a great approach to draw attention to it. 

Business cards have gone a long way in recent years, and there are now options for plastic, cotton, wool, leather, and even metal in addition to paper. Although it may be a stretch for some, when these alternative options are relevant, they are seen and remembered.

Include information from social media sites

There’s no denying that social media has taken the digital world by storm recently, and it’s critical that you project the impression of being part of a forward-thinking firm that considers these factors. Your business card is a great way to get new people to connect with you on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and to expand your social media following. It also allows them to get a sense of what you’re like as a company and any positive feedback you’ve received. If you’re going to do this, you’ll need to keep your social media platforms updated regularly.

Be Visual

Logos are significant for a variety of reasons, and they will be one of the first things people look at when they receive your business card (if not the first). While a logo is a lovely accent to a card, if it is the only image, it might become repetitive. Make sure you include photos that will elicit a response to the creative business card design service. To add some originality to your profile, a current trend is to show off some of your goods or case studies. It also serves as a small reminder of your case studies in your pocket.

Put some colour in there

Take a look at a variety of hues as well! White isn’t the only colour to consider. Papers are available in a wide range of colours, and a subtle brand pattern can be just the thing to take your card to the next level. Sandwiching two or three different colored papers together is another option. You can make a heavier-weight card with a different colored front and back, or even a border with two non-accent colours and an accent-colored paper in the centre.

Define your card’s purpose

Your business card should be functional. Brand awareness, sales, or recruitment are all possibilities. Creative business card design service and Some business cards are created to look like little catalogues or pamphlets. There are even business cards that serve as notebooks, making it more likely that the recipient would keep it in their wallet and remember you when they need it.

Make sure your message has a call to action

A business card can be used for more than just providing information; it can also be used as a call to action. Don’t be afraid to ask the user to perform a task. You could want to direct them to a website where they can get a handbook. It’s possible that you have a seasonal promotion that you’d like to advertise, and you could direct them there with a special discount code. When it comes to your call to action, think outside the box to encourage people to do what you really want.

Keep in mind that the aim of your business card is to clearly provide contact information and use the creative business card design service. Legible typography with a clear colour and content hierarchy should be a given, and any creative flourishes should complement rather than distract from the text. Your business card, with the proper touches that are clean, imaginative, and reflect your brand, will leave a lasting impression on those who get it, including potential clients and employees.