Advantages Of Decorative Acoustic Panels

The control noise is no longer just a concern of public places such as meeting rooms or workplaces. Nowadays, architects and construction companies give more and more importance to acoustics when designing homes. The acoustic conditioning today is not an eccentricity, but a necessity that directly affects the quality of life of people. In the following lines we will talk about the advantages of decorative acoustic panels, one of the sound control solutions that we like the most.

And why do we love decorative acoustic panels? Well, because they not only fulfill the function of environments, but also of providing them with a decorative plus, which makes them a solution not only functional but also aesthetic, and these are more than enough reasons for these panels to seduce us.

Acoustic and decorative solutions

As we said before, the control and elimination of noise pollution has become a necessity, since it is proven that it directly influences the quality of life. Too much noise, and constantly, can cause irreversible damage to the human ear. In addition, it is known that a home free of annoying noise affects the mood of those who inhabit it, improving their performance in all aspects of life. There are many noises that we learn to live with, which does not mean that it is good to live with them. For example, the noise of kitchen extractor hoods, to cite one example, if it were an open kitchen, surely this noise will lead us to raise the volume of the TV, and this is how the house becomes saturated with noise.

When we talk about acoustic Wall panels, we tend to think of solutions that are not aesthetically favorable, but this is not the case. Fortunately, there are solutions for noise control and decorative at the same time, such as those offered by Gyptech Systems, a world leader in the manufacture of absorbent acoustic systems. Among its most outstanding products we find wooden acoustic panels and textile modules.

Advantages of decorative wooden acoustic panels

We love wood, that’s nothing new. It is one of the noblest materials that exists. The presence of wood in any room provides warmth and a feeling of home. One of the most used materials for the manufacture of acoustic panels, whether for walls and ceilings, is wood. Gyptech offers several alternatives depending on the effect we want to achieve. From wooden slats, which will look great on ceilings or walls, to grooved acoustic panels, or also grooved and perforated.

The absorption power of wood is well known, as well as its decorative power. That’s why wood acoustic panels are our preferred noise control solution.

Textile modules to acustify environments

Another acoustic and decorative solution are sound- absorbing textile modules. Just as we mentioned before the qualities of wood, fabrics are also famous for their sound absorption power. These are panels exempt from the structures, manufactured with polyester fiber and thermo-bonded acoustic veil, available in an infinite number of textures and colors. One of the advantages of fabric decorative acoustic panels is that they are cheaper than wood panels that usually cover entire walls. With this type of textile modules, with much smaller surfaces, we can achieve good results at the same time that we beautify the living room, dining room or space that occurs to us.

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Clearly, with the textile modules, we can achieve colorful and modern environments. There are many possibilities in terms of colors, textures and designs. For the more classic ones, the wooden acoustic panels may be a better option… And for you, what is the best option?

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