Why is Agriculture Education gaining weightage in today’s time?

Agriculture is the driving force of the economy in India. This only means that more people need to seek employment in the field. In order to make this happen, students need to opt for agriculture as a course. The majority of the students consider having a career in the agriculture sector is limited to farming only. But, this is wrong, because there is a lot more to learn in agriculture than just farming. It is a field with multiple disciplines like agricultural business, horticulture, animal husbandry and the impact of science and technology on agriculture.

The production of good quality crops and grains needs a study of agricultural practices. Since the economy relies on agriculture so much, the study of agriculture is especially important in a country like India. Most of the country’s population also relies on agriculture as a means of livelihood and income. While India has faced agricultural crises at times, the country is presently self-sufficient in agricultural production. This is the reason behind the rise in popularity of agriculture education.

agriculture education

To make sure that this self-sufficiency is maintained, more people need to opt for the course. Sectors like milk production, seeds, fish, fruits and vegetables are impacted by growth in agriculture.

Where to study Agriculture?

CVRU Bihar offers the course B.Sc in Agriculture so that people can learn more about agriculture. CVRU Bihar is a leading university in Bihar that offers students the opportunity to study agriculture and all of its related concepts in depth. The steady growth of agriculture has encouraged more people to study it as a course and that is why CVRU Bihar has established the department of agriculture to facilitate advance social media on education in the field of agriculture

Since the course curriculum is updated on a regular basis and according to industry standards, CVRU Bihar stands out from the rest of the agriculture colleges in Bihar. The course combines traditional agricultural practices with newer developments in the field. Some very important sections covered in the course include animal husbandry, agricultural business, agricultural technology, food production and fishery management just to name a few.

Why is Agriculture Education gaining weightage in today’s time?

Students can apply for the course right after completing their 10+2 examinations in the science stream. B.Sc in Agriculture is a three-year undergraduate program.

What to do after the course?

B.Sc in Agriculture course is a stepping stone to start an amazing career in the agriculture sector. Students will get job opportunities in horticulture, dairy farming, horticulture, poultry farming, animal husbandry and food science. These job opportunities come with attractive salary packages as well.

Students can also opt to start their own business in the field of agriculture as the course teaches them about good entrepreneurship skills as well. Individuals have the option to start agriculture produce shops, agricultural firms and agro-based industries.

Students can also opt for higher studies like M.Sc. and P.Hd. in agriculture science to gain specialised knowledge and do research in this field.

If you are interested in getting more information on the course, do visit the website www.cvru.ac.in

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