Inverter Air Conditioning Innovations: What’s New in the Indian Market?

As soon as the heat waves hit the Indian subcontinent, people especially in North India struggle to survive due to rising temperatures. Due to such extremely hot conditions, air conditioners have become a necessity. The present popularity of air conditioners in India has given rise to the advent of inverter air conditioning, keeping in mind its benefits to consumers and the environment. The inverter air conditioners are considered the cost-effective and energy-efficient option. Various producers use different types of inverter air conditioning in their products. They adopt some technological innovations and then propose the products in the market. This keeps them ahead of their competitors. Buyers need to stay updated with these innovations in inverter air conditioning before buying any AC. In this blog, we will cover some types of inverter air conditioning mechanisms. 

Twin or Dual Inverter Air Conditioning

Air conditioners with this technology use two rotors to achieve a compression effect. The units placed outside the ACs are further utilized to decrease noise levels. Multiple brands in India such as Godrej, LG, Blue Star etc. have utilized this mechanism and produced air conditioners accordingly. Both the rotors are placed at 180-degree phase difference and therefore help in achieving efficient, stable and noise-free operation. The air conditioners equipped with this technology can work at very slow and fast speeds whatever is necessary and required. 

Triple Inverter Air Conditioning

The ACs that have built-in inverter air conditioning do not use two rotors like dual inverter air conditioning technology, rather they adopt eight-pole motor compressors to offer fast cooling and enhanced energy efficiency. This technology enables more efficient operations due to less fluctuation. The low force fluctuation helps both the compressor and condenser to last long. Samsung is one of the leading air conditioning brands that has adopted this technology to produce less noise and vibration. 

Intellisense Inverter Air Conditioning

One of the best air conditioning global brands, Whirlpool uses this intelligent inverter air conditioning technology in its products for adjusting both temperature and humidity. Both indoor and outdoor units of air conditioners can communicate with each other by using in-built automatic logic chips. 

Two level Compressor Inverter Air Conditioning

Refrigerants which adopt this technology such as in the case of Voltas air conditioners, usually compress in dual stages. If there is a case of low calefaction refrigeration, and in any case, if the compressor and evaporator consist of pressure magnitude, then this two-stage compressor air conditioning mechanism turns out to be of greater help. One of the greatest specialities of this air conditioning mechanism is that it can function efficiently in multiple temperature ranges.  

Flexicool HybridJet Inverter Air Conditioning 

An AC’s airflow design is altered in this mechanism to efficiently offer fresh and cool air. In Carrier advanced air conditioners, we extensively adopt this technology for separate chilling arrangements for power supply circuits using a refrigerant. Also, this mechanism is useful for maintaining the long life of air conditioners and also in keeping the room sufficiently cool as compared to conventional air conditioners. 

Expandable Inverter Air Conditioning

The air conditioner becomes more efficient when this technology is in use, increasing its cooling capacity in the room when needed. For instance, Hitachi uses this mechanism in its air conditioners for rendering extra cooling. In extremely hot and humid conditions, it is also efficient.

Best Split Ac 1 Ton in India (2024)

People looking for the best split AC 1-ton options can check the following options along with their pricing:

  1. Havells-Lloyd 5-in-1 Convertible Inverter AC –  ₹34,990
  2. Voltas 5 Star, Inverter AC- ₹ 38,990
  3. Haier 4 Star, WiFi, Inverter AC- ₹40,990
  4. Godrej 3 Star Wi-Fi Inverter AC- ₹ 34,000
  5. Panasonic 4 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Air Conditioner- ₹ 37,490

Also, customers need to evaluate the specifications, budget, energy efficiency etc. of air conditioners before making a purchase decision. Moreover, they can also go through the product reviews and ratings to get more insights into the product’s performance and reliability. 


Q. What will happen if an air conditioner leaks condensation? Is it a serious issue?

Ans. One of the most important functions of an air conditioner is to extract humidity present in the air. Therefore, it is possible to face little condensation from an air conditioner. In case that leakage is heavy then there might be some issue with the condenser drainage that needs expert and professional assistance. 

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