Guide to Extract OST Attachment – Steps

Oh, so you have the same problem with the OST attachment and are searching for the right way to extract its attachments. Before coming here you may have tried ample methods and no one has succeeded in doing this task efficiently.

OST or offline storage tables are stored in the cloud and synchronized with the Outlook desktop client as the same while working on the web client. OST file attachments saved on the cloud and for backing up in your local system need little effort to make it simple in concise ways we have listed out unwavering methods below, go check it out soon.

Best Methods to Extract OST Attachments – Follow Any One

Use these methods to download OST attachments and use any one of the listed methods that you find easy to follow. Try each one will be difficult for you that’s why we made this easy and filtered out the best and most effective method which takes less time and less effort.

Save From The Email

Use Microsoft Outlook to save attachments from an OST file manually. Find the email and open it containing the attachment relevant to you, right-click on the attachment, and select “Save As” to save it to your desired location. Do it multiple times in this process if you have multiple emails consisting of one email.

Use PowerShell Scripting

Do it if you are familiar with the Powerscript process in Outlook, use PowerShell scripting to extract attachments from an OST file. Here’s a glimpse of the script that you can use:

$Outlook = New-Object -ComObject Outlook.Application

$Namespace = $Outlook.GetNamespace(“MAPI”)

$Folder = $Namespace.Folders.Item(“MailboxName”).Folders.Item(“Inbox”)

$AttachmentPath = “C:\Attachments”

foreach ($Item in $Folder.Items) {

    foreach ($Attachment in $Item.Attachments) {




Convert the OST file to a PST file

There are numerous tool that helps to convert OST files into PST, use them to convert your OST file into PST and extract it’s attachments once it’s converted because supports to open only PST file. You can use online tools on the web but don’t forget about the privacy policies to read and the protection of your data. Search “OST to PST converter” on the search engine for the results.

Manual Method 

Use Outlook if it is configured with the Exchange Server, you can export the mailbox data to a PST file, which will contain all the attachments along with the emails. Outlook converts OST files automatic into PST. Open Outlook > click on the file option >  Save attachments option.

Why Choose an Automated Method to Extract OST Attachments?

Thus, to make this simpler for you choose the automated Revove PST attachment extractor software. This tool is meant for the situation where you are right now. This tool helps in extracting processes from Outlook PST, OST, MSG, and BAK files. This is the best tool to use to download attachments with an incredible user interface and easily lets you download multiple files and maintain their hierarchy.

If you get exhausted applying all the above techniques or methods and still this issue is not solved don’t worry we have the last option left which is the last option to fix all the issues at once. This way you can download attachments from email. If you want to download one by one it will waste your time.

Observational Verdict

In this guide we have delved into the ways to extract OST attachment in real-time effectively. OST attachments need to be backed up or saved from time to time to better function the emails. If attachments to the emails stay for a long time it can create a mess for users to find it at the right time. Big attachments reserve more storage and this is the barrier in their functioning of the free usage of the Ermil account.

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