iOS 15 new updates and features: All you need to know

iOS 15 has a lot of new features. We’ve listed a summary of what you need to know about the new version, including a few highlights.

The new version brought changes to the interface, security fixes, and many new features. Users can download it for free if their iPhones support the update.

The article outlines all of the information you need to know about the iOS 15 software update, including: which devices are compatible with the new iOS 15 software; the latest version of the iOS 15 software; the beta version of iOS 15, as well as any problems people are reporting.

What’s New in iOS 15


The iOS 15 update of Apple’s FaceTime app offers a large number of new features. Spatial audio, which uses machine learning to identify and block distracting background noise, and Voice Isolation, which makes it more convenient to listen to intelligible speech by matching the stereo audio balance with the speaker’s position on the screen.

The new FaceTime app for iOS 15 supports a grid view to make multiple participants in a video call easier to see, as well as Portrait Mode to make you stand out in the background.

Focus and Notifications

The new Focus feature in iOS 15 will greatly expand Do Not Disturb capabilities. By setting notifications filters and limiting apps access based on context (such as at home, while sleeping, while working, and so forth) you can reduce distractions. By learning your habits, Focus can also suggest filter settings automatically. All of your Apple devices automatically inherit your Focus settings. iOS 15 overhauls the notification experience on iPhone, according to Apple. There are now larger notifications with contact pictures. The new notification summary feature lets you silence and group alerts for delivery later at a time of your choosing, reducing distractions. So you don’t miss any important notifications from people, notifications are prioritized.

Live Text, Visual Look Up, and Spotlight

The iPhone’s Camera app now automatically recognizes and captures text from live views of your photos and screenshots. This new feature is called Live Text. It is possible to select text within an image for use in a search, to dial a phone number, or to copy and paste it into another app. It supports seven different languages.

Problems with iOS 15

We usually see complaints when Apple releases a new iOS about battery drain, app crashes, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues, and many other issues. Before you install the latest update, you might want to wait for any issues to be resolved.

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Are there any problems with iOS 15?

iPhone users can test iOS 15 through a public beta right now, which means it is stable enough for general release, but isn’t yet an official build. There are still a lot of features to be added, so they’re the best for those that want to see them before the rest of the world. If you want to upgrade your iOS, you’ll need to choose to do so, as opposed to just hitting the update button like you normally would.

The following are some fundamental issues you may encounter if you download the latest iOS update:

Issues with stability: 

Using iOS 15 may cause your iPhone to be unresponsive or to crash more frequently. You shouldn’t install iOS 15 if you need your iPhone to be stable at all times, or if all software needs to work.

Random bugs: 

Public betas are meant to identify common problems. There’s a very good chance that some apps won’t work or certain functionality won’t work correctly as this is still a work-in-progress.

Battery life degrades. In most cases, the iOS 15 beta is not as power-efficient as ideal right now, which is why you’re running out of battery life faster than usual.

Tips to Fix an Issue With iOS 15

Restart your device

Even after running a new iOS update, an iPhone restart will often fix your problem. It’s a simple fix that can be applied to most forms of technology. Restarting your iPhone will be of particular value if it seems unstable, is crashing regularly, or specific apps aren’t working correctly.

Update your apps: 

Not all apps have been updated to support iOS 15 just yet, but it’s the first place you should look. Any beta updates for iOS 15 should also be updated wherever possible so that you get the best experience.

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