How do I Access Apple Mail MBOX File on Mac without Apple Mail?

Are you having Apple Mail MBOX files on your Mac system but not Apple Mail email client? Wondering how do I access Apple Mail MBOX file on Mac without Apple Mail with emails and attachments properly? Not to worry, just read the article and you will discover a brilliant technique that will help you to successfully access Apple Mail MBOX file on Mac without Apple Mail email account.

Apple Mail is a widely used email client of Mac because it is a pre-installed email application of Mac OS that is designed by Mac itself. Many businesses and individuals found Apple Mail easy to manage and handle for sending/receiving emails in bulk. The email client is built-up with a simple and friendly interface with advanced beneficial features. And, the advantage of using Apple Mail is that it is easy to set up and configure. Users do not need to look for another email application to install on their system.

Why Users Need to Access Apple Mail MBOX File on Mac without Apple Mail?

Before we understand the reasons, let us first take a look on how Apple Mail create MBOX file.

Steps to Create MBOX File from Apple Mail

Step 1. Open Apple Mail on your Mac.

Step 2. Select necessary mailboxes whose data you need to export in MBOX.

Step 3. Click Mailbox and choose Export Mailbox option.

Step 4. You can create a new folder or choose an existing folder where you want to save your mailboxes of Apple Mail and hit Choose.

The mailboxes will be saved at specified location with .mbox extension.

Overview of MBOX File

MBOX is a file format of several email clients and one of them is Apple Mail. It acts as a container for storing the list of email messages and attachments. The emails are saved as ASCII text and attachments in encoded form in MBOX file.

However, it is a plain-text file type that users can open using any text-editor.

Now, you will think that if MBOX is easily viewable then why users are searching for a technique to access MBOX file of Apple Mail without Apple Mail email client. It is because even though they can read MBOX file with the help of any text-editor but the data will not be appropriate and clear. Due to this users will face difficulty in viewing the content of emails with text-editor.

That is why users choose PDF format for viewing MBOX email messages without needing Apple Mail account.

Reasons to Access Apple Mail MBOX File on Mac without Apple Mail

  • Sometimes, users change their operating system where no email client is installed and they have to go through the content of MBOX files urgently.
  • Users have to present their documents in the court for legal purpose.
  • Need to transfer important MBOX file database to users’ mobile device.
  • Move to Windows OS with Apple Mail MBOX files and finding difficulty in accessing them on the same.
  • Recently change your employment that does not make use of Apple Mail platform.

How do I Access Apple Mail MBOX File on Mac without Apple Mail?

The simplified procedure to access Apple Mail MBOX file on Mac without Apple Mail is MacMister MBOX to PDF Converter Mac Tool. It is a user-friendly tool that has the ability to export unlimited MBOX files into PDF format at once. The content and formatting properties of emails and attachments will not get affected. They will remain intact throughout process. The operational steps are also short and limited that will save the time of users, help them to finish the conversion accurately.

Moreover, the software is programmed with plentiful features that can be applied to get the desired results without data loss. However, you can download the trial edition of the software to experience the working of MBOX to PDF Converter Tool for Mac free of cost.

Working Steps to Access Apple Mail MBOX File on Mac without Apple Mail

Step 1. Download and run MBOX to PDF Converter Mac Tool on Mac OS.

Step 2. You can click Add File(s) button if you have few MBOX files for conversion or click on Add Folder button to add a folder with lots of MBOX files. Click Next to continue.

Step 3. Now, the tool start listing MBOX files with checkboxes on the application pane one-by-one. By default all checkboxes are selected but you can deselect them and select them as per your needs if you need selective Apple Mail MBOX file conversion to PDF. Click Next.

Step 4. Select the options as per your requirements such as black and white colour, save attachments to separate folder, convert attachments to PDF, embed attachments into PDF, file naming options, and set destination path. Click Next.

Step 5. Apply Filters for specified conversion as well as for email duplication according to your needs, if needed and hit Export button.

Step 6. The process is started and you will see Live Conversion Report showing the ongoing progress of MBOX file conversion.

The task successfully ends with a pop-up “Conversion Completed”. Click on the OK button and go to location that you have specified in Set Destination Path property to view resultant PDF files. You can click on the required PDF document to check the result and you will see that the database is 100% accurate.


In the blog, we have discussed the solution to resolve how do I access Apple Mail MBOX file on Mac without Apple Mail email client. MacMister MBOX to PDF Mac is a reliable tool that safely handles the large conversion and delivers accurate results in a minimum time. The tool is available with a freeware version which allow users to explore the software working for free. They can even access first 25 MBOX emails and attachments without Apple Mail free of cost.

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