Are Adiamor Diamonds Good Quality?

Adiamor is a BBB accredited company and that means this company is dedicated to make good faith efforts and meet customer expectations. This company is the rate with A+ grade and it offers top-notch quality diamonds and diamond-studded jewelry to its clients. This company has received a 4.5-star rating of approximately 100 reviews. On the other hand, this company has received a 4.3-star rating on WeddingWire. Adiamor has also received the award for couple’s choice in 2015. Also, this company has received the bride’s choice award in the year 2013.

Initially, AvoSarkisian has opened a Jewelry store in Beverly Hills and this company has started growing slowly. Eventually, this company has been extended into an e-commerce store. Adiamor has a traditional origin, but the main emphasis of this company is on paying attention to detail and craftsmanship. Adiamor manufacture all its diamonds in Los Angeles. You can get the best and unique engagement rings at Adiamor. 

Shipping and Returns 

Policies of Adiamor companies are fairly standard:

  • This company offers a 30-day return policy
  • It ensures secured encryption to maintain a high level of security
  • Adiamor offers international delivery of their products. Also, they offer delivery on Saturday and alternative delivery options
  • Place an order of more than $250 and get free shipping
  • FedEx option for overnight delivery
  • Adiamor offers a different payment option. Also, you can purchase on EMIs
  • Insurance option for your jewelry is also available at Adiamor

Just like various other e-commerce companies, Adiamor let you make payment through Debit cards, Credit cards, and various other online payment options. Adiamor also accepts payments from Paypal and bank wire. Financing options will help the customers to make payments through EMIs. Most customers are not able to make the payment instantly. Thus, the financing option is perfect for these customers.

Diamond Cuts

At Adiamor, you will get diamonds in the following cuts: Round, Princess, Marquise, Emerald, Pear, Oval, Heart, Radiant, Asscher, and Cushion cut. Adiamor distinguishes itself from various other competitors based on the diamond sources. Adiamor selects specific Canadian diamonds. All diamonds collected by Adiamor are conflict-free. It means they follow the Kimberley Process. Adiamor also claims that they follow responsible practices for gold mining and they follow “Golden Rules”.  

Diamond Perks AtAdiamor 

You can leverage diamond price matching at Adiamor. Also, you can determine in which direction the diamond is upgraded and how upgraded is different from the original one. When you purchase a diamond from Adiamor then you will get the diamond certification from GIA experts. Your certificate will include the following things:                

  • Get free appraisals on purchase of more than $1,000
  • Details about the diamond-like shape, color, cut, clarity, and finish
  • Appraisal and GIA certification
  • This certificate also includes approximate retail value

Many jewelers offer extended certificates such as the detailed report of a big bonus for your customer.

Purchasing A Diamond

At Adiamor, diamond purchasing is quite a simple process. You can visit the website of Adiamor and filter diamonds based on price, shape, cut, clarity, and color. You can see a 2-D stock image of a diamond so that you can have an idea of how a specific diamond looks like in real.

Engagement Rings

On the Adiamor website, you can select the right engagement ring for you from a wide range of options available. There are different styles of engagement rings are available such as halo, three stones, modern, vintage style, gemstone, etc. The French Cut collection of engagement rings is designed for those who love minimalist design. The minimal metal in the French Cut Collection will let the diamond look larger. Also, the diamond will look complete and your engagement ring will look more attractive.

Usually, Preset rings are classic or a mixture of two classic and modern. Also, you have complete authority to choose the base metal as per your likes and budget. You can go for 14K gold 18K platinum, or whatever you want in your ring base. Nowadays, people prefer princess cut diamonds or round cuts diamond in their engagement ring. Once you have selected the base of your ring base metal, diamond cuts, then finally you should choose the ring setting. Now, get your perfect engagement ring. You can design your own engagement ring at Adiamor. 

Wedding Bands

Just like an engagement ring, you can also buy wedding bands from Adiamor Diamonds. There is a wide range of wedding bands in different styles and designs. 

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