How to clean and take care of your engagement ring?

A diamond ring is a lifetime investment – one that you might even pass on to your generations and cherish for centuries! Thus, taking good care of it is crucial if you want it to last. Here are simple, not t00 over-the-top measures you can take to clean one of your most prized possessions:

Consistently Clean the Diamond

This goes without saying – but people tend to be forgetful about cleaning up precious stones – amongst the long list of things that they are already handling. Thus, you must always dust off the ring to prevent any debris or build up – this shall instantly bring back the shine or luster. If you feel like there are discernible particles within the areas that you cannot reach then avoid aggressively brushing on picking at the ring. This could damage the antique and delicate components of the ring. Thus, you can conveniently clean up the ring by dipping it in a mild, non-abrasive, and chemical-free solution. Some examples include:

Dipping your ring in a diluted alcoholic solution

  • Using an antibacterial solution and hydrogen peroxide for tougher stains
  • Baking soda and vinegar to get bring back the luster
  • Beer has the right amount of alcoholic concentration to remove stains from a ring made of gold
  • Use soap and water if your ring has been freshly stained

Always remember that it is better to avoid any aggressive treatment on your diamond rings, to prevent further damage or chemical degradation. Finally, when you take out the ring, wipe it gently with lint-free fabrics – do not use cotton or paper towels.  

Special Care or Damage Repair Should Be Reserved for the Experts

If your ring is significantly damaged, chipped, or has a diamond that is loosening then it is advised that you seek expert care. Most retailers provide rings with limited time warranty, you should avail it at least once before it expires. Experts closely scrutinize the diamond ring and detect even the minutest damage in the ring. They can tighten the ring and can even replace, or resize the bands if need be. You can have the accompanying stones changes as well if they show extensive signs of wear and tear.

Diamond Ring Care

Diamonds rings are not for people who are callous with their jewelry. The extravagant ornament requires special treatment.

Choosing When to Wear Your Diamond Ring

Most women might enjoy wearing their diamond engagement rings at all times of the day – although their sentiments and attachment to the ring are valid, it may be more damaging to them in the long-run. Aggressive treatment with frequent exposure to chemicals as well as wear and tear through daily, household chores can cause chipping as well as significantly diminish the brilliance of the diamond ring. That is why periodically taking the ring will help increase its life and durability.

Preventing Damage to the Stone

Diamond rings tend to be extremely fragile and all of them require special care and attention-demanding on the type and design. Most solitaire rings require extensive attention to prevent chipping and breaking of the rock. Thus, being mindful of the fragility of the design or stone is crucial – especially if it is a marquise, pear, or round-cut ring in a pronged or solitaire setting. The ends of stones are exposed which can cause wear and tear. Moreover, keeping this in mind, find a secure and separate place to keep away your jewelry in. Stacking them together in a shared container can also cause damage while moving things around or browsing.

Get Your Jewels Insured

This tip comes from Emily of FergusJames

“Diamonds are a lifetime investment; thus it is always better to get them insured. Insurance may not cover the small, inevitable damage that your ring might sustain but it is always better to be safe than sorry, in cases where you may have to bear heavier losses.” You need to have the description of your ring – specifics like carat weight, cut, color, and clarity are important for the insurance company. You must take a recent photograph of the ring too in case you need to prove ownership of the ring, after it may be stolen.

Diamonds may seem like every woman’s dream but proper care and cleaning of the piece of jewelry will make it last forever.

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