4 Best Tools That Assist to Design Logo’s

Yes, Adobe Illustrator is indicated as the best program that works best for designing your own logo. No doubt that there are innumerable reasons that take illustrators apart from the rest tools (and we here don’t have all day), but the most obvious reason is that illustrators can create vector graphics. And, if you want to convert PNG to AI format due to vectorization, then it’s time to start using an online PNG to AI converter.

Bear in mind that vector graphics could easily be edited and even they can be resized as large or even as small as you could ever need without distorting the layout and quality.  

In straightforward terms, Adobe Illustrator and vector graphics are indicated as the globe for your art-related work. Well, working with Adobe Illustrator at the start looks overwhelming, but we listed the 5 best tools that you have to get in order to design your own logo right now!

Read on!

The Pen Tool:

No doubt that the Pen Tool is referred to as the more complex tool within Adobe Illustrator, but it’s also the most powerful of the bunch. You can even visit theonlineconvert.com which lets you deal with Ai vector file conversions and also has the best PNG to AI converter to save PNG as Ai vector graphic files. 

However, the pen tool assists greatly to create any kind of custom shape, drawing, icon, or graphic. 

The Type Tools:

Yes, the Type tools are indicated as the easiest to use and pretty self-explanatory, but here you come to know how to stick with it efficiently. Besides that, an online PNG to Ai converter is the program that you need to convert PNG to an Ai vector graphic file within no time. 

The Type Tool (Shortcut “T”) can be used in one of two ways, these are:

  1. By simply clicking once and even typing the right then and there, it creates a never-ending line of text
  2. Or even by simply clicking a dragging a text box, of which you could easily type inside of and resize as required

Bear in mind that the first option is ideal for smaller bits of text, while the second option works great for large amounts of text as you can easily control the text layout swiftly within a text box. Moreover, you can start using an online PNG to AI converter in order to convert large PNG raster images to AI vector files.

The Shape Tools:

Yes, there are six different shapes and really one five useful ones, these tools are nested underneath the rectangle tool through which you can easily create different shapes. If you’re going to work with illustrator shapes and your object images are stored within PNG regular files, then it’s best to convert them into AI with the help of an online PNG to AI converter. 

These are the Shape Tools that are available now:

  • The Rectangle tool: it assists you to make rectangles and squares
  • The Rounded Rectangle Tool: it allows you to make rectangles and squares with adjustable rounded corners
  • The Ellipse Tool: it helps you in making circles and ovals
  • The Polygon Tool: it assists you in making any multi-shaded shape from triangles to hexagons and beyond
  • The Star Tool: it allows you to create stars with as many points as you required for art-work
  • The Flare Tool: it is indicated as a useless tool, so you don’t have to worry about ever needing it

 If PNG raster image to vector AI file conversions is your concern, then simply ahead to an online PNG to AI converter that is designed to convert PNG files to AI vector format. 

The Selection and Direct Selection Tools:

Yes, the Selection and Direct Selection tools do slightly different things:

Selection Tool (Adobe Illustrator):

This tool is indicated with the black arrow and it is the most obvious tool that you will use in Adobe Illustrator. It helps you to select the objects on your screen, resize them, and even move them around. You could account for this tool the same as you would a regular mouse

Direct Selection Tool (Adobe Illustrator):

The direct selection tool is indicated with the white arrow. You people can consider this tool to choose the particular points WITHIN shapes and even it lets you either move, edit, or delete a particular point that you have selected. 

Well, stick with these above-mentioned tools to get the most out of your logos. And, when it comes to converting PNG to Adobe Illustrator (AI) format, then PNG to AI converter is the thing you required. Good Luck!