Tips to craft email subject lines that have high open rates

Emails are working miracles for several companies and can work as an advantage to you also if done right. Any email begins with a subject line, and research says that the opening rate of any email is highly likely to depend on its subject line, making it a high-priority element of email marketing. This is why you would find a myriad of articles on the internet about writing winning subject lines.

So here we have discussed the 4 general tips you should keep in mind while writing email subject lines to increase its opening chances.

You cannot afford to ignore the top-performers

It is not always possible to develop a brand new idea that will most certainly work. This is why you have to go with the currently top-performing strategies. Some of the top-performing subject line elements include:

  1. Urgency – You can use phrases that create a sense of urgency or compel viewers to take action quickly. 
  2. Curiosity – Try to arouse the viewers’ interest in such a way that they can’t resist opening the mail and checking what’s inside.
  3. Offers and promotions – Everyone loves discounts and offers on items they like. So, sending an email with some discount on the product the user was interested in can be an effective trick.

You can find other similar subject line elements on the internet which have outperformed any regular subject line. But you need to check its relevance to your business first.

“No-reply” as sender name? Not a good idea

Many businesses send emails using No-reply as sender name, which generally has a negative effect on the reader. A familiar sender name instead can work better, and not only does it feel genuine but also helps in branding. 

People who trust your brand, rely upon your products and find your service or previous emails useful are much more likely to open your email by reading the sender’s name. 

We recommend you join an email marketing course and gain the required skills for more such and in-depth email marketing strategies.

Segmentation of email list decides user’s experience

No professional marketer has dared to overlook the importance of segmenting the email list. Segmentation of the email list can be done according to various factors which depend upon the business model. 

For instance, if you are an ecommerce store and a visitor has shown interest in any crockery item, you would not want to send him an email regarding a new hygiene product in the store now. It feels useless and is also considered a lousy marketing strategy if you do so.

Therefore, segmenting your audience is important, and try crafting emails that appear personalized according to the user.

Concise language for the subject line would help

Here are a few things that you can include in your email subject lines to make it attractive and that could increase its chances of opening:

  1. Start with action-oriented verbs – It is an effective strategy, asking the reader to take some action.
  2. Let your customers feel special or important – Use phrases like “for our beloved customers” or “hello friend, this one’s for you only,” etc.
  3. “No puns intended” – We all know this stereotypical way of including a pun intentionally but denying to do it knowingly, and it generally cheers the reader’s mood.

Similarly, you can also put preview text to work as well by making it engaging as well. We believe if you use these strategies smartly, your email marketing campaign can give a remarkable ROI like never before.