Best Medicine delivery apps| 3 ways medicine delivery apps can give you better work from home experience

Rashmika is a young Indian girl who aspires to make her own identity and started working as she passed out her 12th boards. She lives with her old grandparents in the city. Her grandmother is a heart patient and Rashmika has to take care of her.

So, she decided to do work from home. She is a professional content writer. She sometimes has to juggle between lots of work, as you can guess from your own experience.

Earlier before the pandemic, she used to visit pharmacy stores regularly for her grandma’s medication that sometimes interrupted her writing deadlines.

Now, she does have a Trustworthy medicine delivery app with her.

#1 She uses Trumeds as she gets following benefits when she orders from their best medicine online app:

  1. Free doctor consultation to provide her with alternative generic medicine substitutes that are as effective as the branded medicines.
  1. Few clicks online pharmacy store that enables her to search with ease all her grandmas’ medicine & health products she needs. Search -> add to cart -> checkout.
  1. Hassle free uploading of prescriptions, to medicine home delivery.
  1. She orders -> The certified pharmacist connects with her within 24 hrs.
  1. Trustworthy delivery system. She gets medicines delivered in India within 3-4 days from the date of her purchase
  1. She reads health articles (Hindi+ English) to regularly keep a check on her grandma’s health.

She had security concerns about the medicines she ordered online, but after she got her first medicine home delivery. She was assured:

#2 As Trumeds keep the following checkmark’s:

  1. Their online pharmacy store sells medicines only with the doctor’s prescription and their modus operandi is transparent to their customers.
  1. They take personal & financial details with full seriousness and are committed to protect customer’s privacy.
  1. They sell medicines & healthcare products that have a minimum 3 months of shelf life from the date of purchase of medicine online.
  1. They have friendly customer support to let you easily return/ refund you and buy medicines in India.

#3 Rashmika got several bonuses also when she purchase from Trumeds using their best medicine online app:

  1. She saved up to 72% on Trumeds recommended brands when she purchase medicine online
  1. She earns 200 TM Cash each time she refers their services to her friends & families and they do purchase medicine online from them and medicine home delivered to them.
  1. She uses the TM cash earned to reduce her online medicine shopping bill during checkout on their platform.
  1. Flat 25% off on the MRP value of original brands when she purchases medicine online from them. 
  1. She regularly does medicine online shopping with Trumeds and gets time-to-time referrals, extra discounts and trendy offers to buy medicines in India

This way Rashmika got her work from home experience as a boon as she can take care of her grandmother with a happy mind as her trustworthy partner Trumeds takes all her worry of her old grandmother’ medicines.

Give yourself a peace of mind, purchase online medicine at Trumeds – “True medicine at True prices”- The medicine delivery app.

How you can reach Trumeds to do online medicine shopping?

With the simple search box tool, you can search your medicines from their online pharmacy at the tip of your mouse cursor on their website:

  Or at the palm of your hand with their medicine delivery app:

You can easily reach to them via call for any question, concern while doing online medicine shopping

7 days (Sunday to Saturday) , 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

friendly customer support – 022-4897765

Disclaimer: the character taken is fictional and used as per creative instinct. If it has any resemblance with real life, take it lightly.