10 Best Online Educational Tools For Students

The emerging technology has majorly contributed to developing the educational system through digitalising educational activities and practices. Even the increased digitalisation has eased the students’ life as students can seek help in regards to their virtual classes by searching ‘I need someone to take my online class’ and ‘pay someone to do my online class’. The thought of initiating the search for ‘I need someone to take my online class’ has been the result of the pressurised educational system. Moreover, thousands of digital education technologies have been developed with the intention of offering learners more autonomy, enhancing academic process administration, fostering collaboration, as well as improving communication between professors and students. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most popular online educational tools for students.    

1. Edmodo 

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Edmodo is a social network that integrates an educational tool that connects students and teachers. Among other things, teachers can use this one to develop digital collaborative groups, administrate and supply instructional materials, assess student performance, and interact with parents. Edmodo has been a significant and famous educational institute with over 34 million users who unite in order to develop as well as facilitate an enriching learning process through integrating the digital environment with the prospective in response to technology.

2. Socrative 

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Socrative is a platform that helps teachers to build exercises or educational games that students may complete using mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets. It was created by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers that are passionate about learning. Teachers can examine the outcomes of the exercises and, based on this information, adapt following sessions to create them further personalised. The socrative deems to be pertinent for the learning of students as it offers them to access the personalised feedback rapidly. 

3. Projeqt

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Projeqt alludes to being a substantial educational tool that enables the students to develop multimedia presentations with captivating slides embedded with interactive links, maps, videos, timelines as well as online quizzes. This specific educational tool for presentations enables the instructors to share the academic presentations of their students during the class sessions which tend to be visually adapted to various devices. 

4. Thinglink

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The other pertinent educational tool involves Thinglink which permits educators to design interactive graphics using melody, sounds, words, and images. These can be posted on certain sites as well as social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Teachers can use Thinglink to construct learning techniques that arouse students’ interest by providing interactive material that enriches their knowledge. This educational tool enhances the interest of students in the course material by making it more captivating which enables the students to improve their learning performance. 

5. TED-Ed

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Another educational tool involves TED-Ed permits developing the educational lessons in collaboration with students, teachers and animators who tend to enhance their knowledge and virtuous ideas. This website allows free access to everyone involving the students and teachers along with encouraging the active participation of the students in the learning processes. 

6. cK-12

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cK-12 is significantly striving for reducing the cost pertaining to academic books not only for the K-12 market of the USA but to the globe. This platform possesses an open-source interface that allows the development as well as distribution of course material through the internet that posits the capability of being modified. Moreover, cK-12 actively offers the opportunity of modifying the educational material along with the interactive exercises, videos and audios. In addition to that, this educational tool offers the perspective of printing as well as complying with the requisite editorial standards in respect to each region. These established books in cK-12 can be reformed to the needs of the students to enhance the quality as well as access of the educational content. 

7. ClassDojo

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ClassDojo has been substantial in helping the students to improve their performance and behavior in accordance with the teachers’ feedback. ClassDojo is an educational tool for improving student conduct in which professors provide immediate feedback to their students so that positive behaviour in class is acknowledged with credits and students are more susceptible to the process of learning. For collaborative work, ClassDojo gives real-time alerts to students and the data gathered on student conduct can later be communicated with parents and authorities over the internet.

8. eduClipper

Social Learning App eduClipper Revolutionizes Classroom Instruction

Educlipper tends to be effective for allowing the students to explore as well as share the educational material and references for enhancing the easy access and dissemination among the group. Students can use eduClipper to extract information from the internet and afterwards distribute it with representatives of formerly formed groups, allowing them to better regulate educational content available online, improve research methodologies, and keep a digital copy of what they have accomplished throughout the course. Similarly, it allows professors to conduct an online class with their students and produce a portfolio that contains all of their completed work.

9. Storybird

Storybird - Artful Storytelling

The reading and writing skills are considered crucial for the educational development of each student for escalating their growth. Storybird is an educational tool that uses storytelling to assist learners to improve their writing as well as reading skills. Teachers can use this application to produce immersive and creative books digitally using a simplified and user-friendly interface. Among other things, the articles created can be incorporated into blogs, emailed, and printed. Students can majorly use the Storybird to collaborate on projects with their teachers, undertake continuous feedback along with managing lessons and assessments.  

10. Animoto


Animoto is a digital platform that permits you to instantly produce high-quality videos from your mobile phone, captivating students and improving academic lectures. Teachers can generate audio-visual content that conforms to instructional needs using the Animoto interface, which is user-friendly as well as efficient. The Animoto contribute to retaining the interest of students in their study material through designing it in an innovative manner. 


The remote learning and digital educational tools have eased the lifestyle of students but on other hand, it has burdened the students with constant pressure. Along with certain educational tools, there has been numerous website that offers the services of easing the learning experiences of the students. And if you are a student pressurised with the overload of online classes and finds it difficult to maintain a balance in social life and studies, then an idea of that ‘I need someone to take my online class’ or ‘pay someone to do my online class’ must have come across to your mind.