5 Vital Reasons Why Farmers Need to Use

Farm management software (FMSS) is the combination of electronic tools which automate basic business administration, document keeping and financial accounting for small farms and agriculture. Yet, unfortunately, there are very few online resources to fully understand what exactly farm software is about – so few could not find something worth reading in the following sentence. “Agriculture management software offers a solid and flexible option to address the complex needs of small farmers”, according to Farm Journal International. This online news source is one of the best websites to subscribe to if you are looking for updates on the latest developments in this sector of the agricultural industry.

How Farm Management Software helps?

According to the same source, farm management software “provides a valuable resource for agriculturalists to manage their land stocks, farm finances and records”. The software also helps in inventory control, crop planning, livestock management, production and profit forecast etc. Crop insurers, banks, brokers, processors, retailers and other agrochemical companies can also take advantage of the software for a variety of tasks. For instance, with the use of FMSS you can:

  • Effectively manage finance (Analyze and determine financial situations accurately and efficiently).
  • Effectively manage inventory levels. 
  • Generate and deliver accurate and up-to-date crop forecasts. 
  • Analyze and decide on the optimum level of inputs necessary for different stages of an agricultural activity. 
  • Design financial programs for specific goals like saving on pesticides or fertilizers or increasing cash flows. 
  • Design effective policies for controlling costs and improving quality.

Financial Management

This online source further explains that this software helps farmers in many ways. It is useful for recording vital data like financial records, purchase and sales records, progress reports, acreage records, seed stock records, cash receipts and purchase orders. This software helps farmers keep track of their activities in a simple way. It also enables them to access data from any Internet connection no matter where they are, which again makes it easier for them to do business.

Inventory Management

The farm management software provides vital information that is crucial for farmers to carry out their activities. This includes inventory management, farm sales, handling of payments and costs, and allocation of scarce resources. With the help of software, farmers can enter detailed information about each field and the volume of production they have. They can also enter sales and income reports in an easy and customized format that suits their needs. In addition, the software allows farmers to transfer payments between accounts and pay their bills online.

Agricultural Management

Another important use of farm software is in helping businesses improve their agricultural practices. For example, one of the best uses of this resource is in ensuring better production efficiency. The software contains a tool that enables a company to determine its average production efficiency by optimizing its farming practices and inputs. This is achieved by measuring several factors, including average number of acres produced per unit of capacity, average tonnage delivered per vehicle-hour, total dollars spent on capital assets and total miles driven per vehicle-hour.

Crops Management

In the last few years, the farm management software market has grown tremendously due to the rising need of farmers for reliable, economic and sustainable solutions for their businesses. The increase in demand is directly related to the increase in population within the agricultural sector. As the world’s population ages, the demand for foods that are healthier, more cost-effective and environmentally sound rises. This means farmers are competing for less-than-perfect resources. This results in lower quality crops, less fertilizer and water, and an overall reduction in agricultural expenses.

Management of Costs

The training is tailored at farmers and ranch managers who have no prior expertise with bookkeeping. For less than $400, you may receive all of the essential capabilities for managing farm and nonfarm transactions. It contains a chart of accounts developed specifically for farmers, as well as unique reports, so you can get started quickly even if you don’t have any accounting experience. It also provides farm management skills, such as crop and animal management, in addition to its substantial farm accounting functionality. The program’s innovative one-input mechanism for easy data entry is a big plus for farmers who don’t have much experience with bookkeeping.


Wave’s free service for invoicing and accounting is one of its main advantages. Wave is a good place to start for small farms with modest accounting and invoicing needs. For large farms, however, we advocate using different accounting software.

Assisted bookkeeping services: These qualified professionals can help you keep track of your books, pay your taxes, and handle other typical accounting responsibilities. This function is available for a fee.

Wave automatically records sales tax from transactions and accrues it to the sales tax liability account in sales and income tax accounting. This function comes in helpful when it comes to keeping track of tax obligations in each transaction.

Wave can track 1099 independent contractor payments and report them. Due to the fact that farms frequently engage independent contractors, this function aids in tax compliance.

As the demand for efficient farms grows, software can help by taking all of these aspects into account and providing ideas on how to improve and manage a specific farm. Farms near mineral springs or with clean drinking water, for example, may consider obtaining a device that provides an accurate and comprehensive perspective of the entire farm.


A farm management software system should be able to show the entire landscape, not simply the immediate area where the majority of the operations occur. Certain devices can even interact with irrigation systems, assist in data collection and reporting, and offer cost-cutting advice.

Farmers and ranchers, whether they’ve been in business for decades or are just starting started, will have no trouble finding an accounting and management package that fits their demands and budget. As it turns out, specialist agriculture software has an astounding number of capabilities, ranging from stand-alone, on-premises Windows applications to multi-node, fully networked farm apps for use in the office and the field.