5 Best Sunglasses Brands For Women

Well, sunglasses are more than just protecting your eyes and mental health by avoiding eye contact with people. A nice pair of sunnies can make you really attractive; this is what science says. Whether you’re a devoted wearer of one shade or house a complete arsenal of eyewear, keeping up with a current trend is what you would prefer.

When we talk about women’s sunglasses, we see certain brands always top the chart. These brands skillfully craft sunglasses to be more than just a practical accessory. They can complement your entire outfit and set a tone for your entire appearance. When it comes to sunglasses for women, these top 5 brands are the most chosen ones.


The house of Gucci is probably the most revered fashion brand out there. Since it came to the limelight, celebrities from every corner of the world have been seen wearing Gucci’s exquisite fashion apparel and accessories. Their eyewear collection has a devoted fanbase. Gucci’s women’s sunglasses have got everyone’s needs and personal taste covered. From sober and sophisticated glasses to wear on your business meetings to eccentric and quirky shades to put on with the party vibe, the brand has everything.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a popular name in the eyewear fashion industry. The fashion house has been at the forefront of creating stylish sunglasses for women and men. The brand has an exceptional collection of women’s shades. What sets Tom Ford sunglasses for women apart from everyone else is their classic sunglasses design with a modern twist. Tom Ford is known for their adaptation of vintage eyewear and for giving them contemporary variation. From solid black oversized glasses to transparent frames and beautiful butterfly shapes, the brand has elegant styles for divas.


In 1952, Hubert de Givenchy established this haute couture brand and soon after its establishment, the brand became a big name in the fashion industry and had a well-established fanbase for its eyewear vertical. Givenchy’s sunglasses for women do not have any definite occasional style. Instead, you will find a wide variety of shades for every other event you are going to attend and need appropriate glasses for that. For many fashionistas, Givenchy’s sunglasses are the go-to options for evening parties and celebrations.

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Every eyewear brand list is not complete with this iconic eyewear brand. Emerged as the convenient fashion brand for its evergreen aviator style shades, Ray-Ban has now become a known name in the fashion industry. From sleek aviators to elegant wayfarers and modish clubmasters, and many other thousand styles, Ray-Ban’s collection of sunglasses for women entails a variety of designs a modern woman needs to have in their arsenal.


Swarovski has an extremely vogue and eccentric sunglasses collection. Their bejewelled eyewear is a hot sensation among the females of contemporary fashion. Their shades are perfect wear for night parties where you would love to flaunt your sparkling eyewear and stand apart. The brand is known for its quirky yet elegant use of crystals in its fashion products. And so Swarovski’s sunglasses for women come exceptionally crafted and embellished with brilliant and dazzling geometrically cut crystals of all colours.