How to Save OLM to PDF on Mac?

PDF has always been the most utilized and demanded file format to keep the documents’ information. As it does not need any other app to open or to have access. Just proportional to it Mac OLM files are uncommon and are not utilized by all users. OLM file format isn’t suitable and depends on a device or platform to have access to open the file. So, users save OLM files to Adobe PDF document format for their convenience.

If you’re genuinely searching to save OLM to PDF on Mac OS then, this article is a one-stop and best solution for your problems. In this post, we’ll be discussing and explaining some of its methods and solutions to save OLM files into PDF format along with attachments. First, we’ll begin with some reasons to export or save .olm to PDF Mac.

Reasons to Save Mac Outlook OLM to PDF File Format

  • OLM files need an application to open their data. But opposite to it, the PDF file format can be opened on any device and it does not need any platform.
  • PDF file does not need internet access and can be viewed from any place on any device.
  • PDF documents are the most suitable file format as it’s always utilized in the field of legal documentation, forensics, doctor’s reports, and many more fields.
  • Adobe PDF documents can also be made protected by encrypting the password on them. It keeps the dignity of data safety.
  • One can simply access or print the PDF documents on necessity anytime 

Free Manual Way to Save OLM File to PDF

Most of the time users look forward to some technique to save .olm to PDF Mac to have access to their data whenever the users are needed to. Because PDF file does not need any platforms and internet servers to have to access the data. For that reason, users tend to convert OLM to PDF on Mac OS. Now, let us discuss some of the main manual ways to save OLM to PDF with attachments. 

  1. Run the Mac Outlook on your Mac machine.
  2. Now, choose the Mac OLM file to save it to PDF format.
  3. You can see your Opened file in the reading panel.
  4. Press the File Menu and then hit on the Print option.
  5. Print Window pop-up will appear.
  6. Then, press the Drop-Down Menu and choose the Save as PDF option.
  7. After that, users need to add the name and pick the destination, and then, hit on Save.
  8. Your data file will be saved at your designated path.

By using or performing the above steps users can convert OLM file to PDF file including attachments. As it is a free manual solution therefore it has some restrictions. In the next part, we’ll elaborate on some of the limits of using the manual way.

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Limits of Free Manual Process

  • Manual method is a lengthy & time-consuming process.
  • If the procedure is not implemented accordingly it will lead to loss of database.
  • It does not allow you to save OLM files to PDF format along with attachments.
  • To carry out this process, users must have a piece of good technical information.
  • Manual solution does not allow you to perform the batch conversion of OLM files at once.

As mentioned above, saving OLM to PDF with a manual technique is definitely not a simple task to perform. That’s the reason most of the users prefer to have the best and most smart method to save .olm files in PDF format to stay away from such kind of limitations.

To prevent such kinds of limitations users normally tend to choose a perfect solution. A superior and professional CubexSoft OLM to PDF Converter for Mac Tool can extract all types of restrictions and enables users to save OLM to PDF on Mac OS in bulk mode at a time. The OLM Converter for Mac Tool keeps all folder structure and data integrity during the process. To perform the process with professional software doesn’t need any type of prior technical information.


Saving Mac Outlook OLM file to PDF on macOS is no big task but saving it through a manual method is a bit of lengthy procedure. So in this segment, we’ve mentioned the dual methods, reasons, and limitations to save OLM to PDF on Mac. I hope it must have cleared all your doubts. Thank you for reading this article.