Best top 10 mobile app features to attract your customers

With the latest developments of digital trends and technologies, people are going crazy over smartphones. The smartphone applications are the real reason behind this if we dig more. They run our crazy animated world as we see it. Over the years, our daily lives are witnessing a significant change when it comes to convenience. Our fingertips now carry away things that once took hours and distance to perform. Done, deal!

Furthermore, the world has progressed further with advanced virtual technology. A smartphone is one good example. As a result, we can perform our routine works with less effort yet double the effective outcomes. We all know today that physical businesses are moving online with confidence. Consequently, the top mobile app development agency Dubai  is getting countless projects for creating bespoke apps for their clients.  They know that eCommerce is the new marketplace zone. It’s sky-rocketing like never before.

On the other hand, traditional PCs like desktops and laptops are losing their grip on internet users. Today, there are more active mobile users than desktop users.  So much so that we can put these two into a ‘billions versus millions’ perspective. Stopping with more philosophical throwbacks, let’s get started.

1. A simple Design

Start with a layout that has a clean white space. Your mobile app design should be spacious enough to provide enough room for all the elements. Besides, you don’t want users to get confused once they open your app. Try to optimize the in-app atmosphere with a balanced form, colors, features, navigations, and workable aspects.

Furthermore, keep your mobile app minimalistic with features that are easy to use. Your app’s design should be noticeable at first glance. No user wants to feel irritated by looking at an app that’s overdone with unnecessary details.

2. SEO Optimized

Make sure your mobile app includes a well-organized structure of design and data. In simple words, it should balance all the essential elements on a weight scale. In technical terms, we are talking about search engine optimization for mobile app development. Your app becomes more responsive, doesn’t freeze during operation, and has faster loading times. Besides, it would be best if you kept up with the latest smartphones. These devices come with the latest chipsets and have better-optimized configurations than their predecessors.

3. Visually breathtaking

Add striking visuals and soothing colors to enhance the appeal of your mobile. It’s one of the main reasons people are going to download your app. Likewise, use typography text to support the attractive artwork in your application. You need to work on your design theme and overall design. It’s going to become the first factor in deciding which pictures and colors fit best for it. Plan your mobile application and keep up with elements and hues to make it look pretty and presentable.

4. Cross-platform accessibility

Make sure your mobile application is available for all the three major OS platforms; Windows, iOS, and android mobile app. In other words, your smartphone app should offer cross-platform compatibility. Thus, both iPhone and Android users can download your application from App Store and Play Store.

5. Integration of smart technologies

Use smartphone technologies to your advantage. You can offer features like bar code scanning, push notifications, alert sounds, fingerprint scanning, and other high-end features. Besides that, you can hire a mobile developer to add AI features to your mobile app. It includes text-to-speech recognition, connectivity for wearables, and integration for AR/VR technologies.

6. A search bar backed with plentiful products

Another great feature you can to your mobile app is a Google-inspired search bar. It will provide easy navigation to users who are looking for a specific product. Therefore, make sure you’ve got a good range of products to show in the result listings. You can also use AI recognition tools and user data cookies to understand the buyer’s behavior. In this way, you’ll be able to recommend the products they might be interested in buying.

7. Mobile app security features

You need to make sure your mobile app is locked and loaded with twofold security systems. Mobile data theft, malware, and virus attacks are on the rise, and that’s why you need considerable internet securities. Hackers can easily steal users’ personal information, credit/debit card numbers, and other sensitive data that could put you at risk. Therefore, your app should come with preinstalled security features.

8. Push notifications

Make your customers you’re there for you any time. The best way to do it is by using the push notifications feature. These help you send daily alerts informing users about the latest products, discount offers, seasonal sales, and other business news.

9. Regular updates

Don’t forget to push innovation, design revamps, and feature additions by regularly updating your mobile app. It’s just like the PlayStation or Xbox latest version releases after every three or five years. The same thing applies to cars, smartphones, and other gadgets and appliances.

10. User feedback

Collect user feedback through polls and questionnaire forms. Besides, you can also send emails directly to your loyal customers to ask them to improve your performance. You should know that users who use your app know better how it performs for performing specific tasks. Thus, these insights are beneficial to help you enhance your mobile app.