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People often say the first impression is the last. This team is really testified when it comes to the business deal. In the corporate sector, the associate people used to be very unique and they create business impressions upon the clients or to whom they meet. Actually, in this sector they if they are associated with someone they represent the particular organization and if they are self-employed they represent their own dignity. So, it is very important to carry a business card and pass that to the person or clients to whom the corporate person meets.  Earlier the business card is usually used to be very simple. But nowadays due to the digital era, it becomes more and more fashionable and luxurious. Now the organization’s people don’t only provide the information or contact information about them. They provide a small idea about his company through these business cards. So, this card becomes so important in the present day. 

What is a business card? 

A business card means that it can convey the message or image of your organization, business, and contact information. This is a small card size like 2 to 3 inches and on the card, it is written your contact information about yours and your companies. Plus it also conveys about the company or your business. But don’t except it can convey the whole story of your business entity. The business card just serves the small information or gesture about your company. 

What it contains

It contains useful information about your business or organization.

1) It contains your business logo. 

2) It contains your name, address, mobile address, email address, and fax number, etc. 

3) The business card should be more simple and readable. It should behave simple look. 


A) It only carries the most important information like name, address, phone number, mobile number, email add, press and company website address, etc. 

B) Should have your business logo or logo of the organization. 

C) Only written most essential information. 

D) It should be full-color text. 

E) Always use a sticky card. It can be seen by your customers or clients. 

F) Presently there is a digital business card is also available. So, people also use the digital business card in modern days. It is more effective and useful. 


The business cards have many classifications. The following are the discussion of types of cards.

1) Standard card- Standard business card only carries information about your business. It is a small piece of paper or card. 

2) Premium Business card- It gives an exclusive look to your business card. It depends on your budget and all. 

3) Mate Business card- This is a kind of innovative card. The maximum size is 3.5*2 inches. Many companies use these cards and it gives a rare look at your business card. 

4) Gloss Business card- This kind of card is mainly used in the fashion, entertainment, beauty care, hospitality, and cosmetic industry. This is a vibrant, beautiful, and luxurious business card. You can get this kind of card anywhere around the globe. 

5) Embossed Business card- This kind of card is identity highly professional and premium look. It gives you an eye-catching look at your business card. 

Luxury Business Card in Dubai

Dubai is a very famous city in the corporate world. It is one of the main economic hubs for many corporate giants and due to this reason they use luxury business cards in Dubai. Many companies used to provide this kind of cards in the city. Among them, Aikyaam is one of the famous names. They offer highly professional cards to their clients. 

About Aikayaam

They are one of the famous names in the card industry. They offer the best business cards to the clients. They offer many types of cards like digital, exclusive, standard, and luxury business card in Dubai. They offer many types of services to the clients. They have much price range like basic, professional, and ultimate business card. But their maximum business cards are digital. This digital luxury business card has many facilities. Like – you can click to call, click to WhatsApp, click to an email address, add the contact details directly on your device, click for navigating, and at last share the navigate. They are famous to offer the best digitally equipped business cards in the city. 

The service feature

It has lead capture capacity.

a) Through your digital luxury business card in Dubai you can easily connect your customers or leads. You can easily click, call, and start the business discussion with your leads. On the other hand, the customers also catch you easily with this digital business card. 

b) It is convenient and easy to send to your leads or customers any time from your device. 

c) They can save your contact information and engage with you easily. The customers can easily get your contact information.  Due to the technical advantage, you no need to carry this card with you and you can send it easily to your customers. 

d) It is very cost-effective and affordable. The digitally equipped luxury business card as discussed right above can be made by downloading a mobile application or with a computer application. Hence, this card can be made without even paying a single penny. There are numerous applications or software available to do so. So, the card-making process comes free of cost. If somebody wants to get the card done by an expert, for this the person needs to pay a very low or minimum amount.

e) People take easily these kinds of cards. Because it is saved on their device so the clients, customers, and anyone can take a look at this card. Physical business cards may be unseen or misplace. But the digital business card is always saved in the customer’s device. So, they can use it anytime. 

f) Contact information is a very important matter in business. Especially the contact information is the utmost important thing. This information has lots to do with business. In this era of computers, the internet, and information technology the need of sharing contact on the website and virtual platforms are needed undoubtedly. Here comes the need of sharing information about the business, especially the contact information on the internet. 

The benefit of the Luxury Business Card in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its business hubs. Due to its economic booms and economic growth, many organizations or self business entities are using a digital luxury business card in Dubai. If you compare it with an old business card (hard copy) you can easily find many differences in terms of technology and design perspective.  Technological advancement has changed the need of people and they now want more professional and catchy business cards for their business growth. 

Last Thought 

The situation is changed now. Today now business is changed. Now people are more active on social media and digital part. Due to the pandemic situation now the virtual part is also necessary. So, many people use a digital luxury business card in Dubai.

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