Use Digital Business Card Instead of Old Hard Copy Business Card

What is Digital Business Card?  

This is a new age and people use new kind of idea. So, it spread also in the business sector. Digital business card is simply the digital transformation of the hard copy business card. In this care a business organization or a person put all their details but with single and convenient location. 


There are two types of digital business card. First one is e-business card that you can send via email. Second one is QR Code enable digital business card that is known as V-card QR Code. 

The Background and the Need

In this era of digital transformation and globalization of technology has mark the information with utmost importance. Therefore, this era of computer and internet technology which are dependent on information technology is called the era of information. From personal information to other information and basic to moderate information all are very important in the present era. The internet has information related to many things irrespective of the field of knowledge or subject. 

Information in business, especially the contact information is the utmost important thing. This information has lots to do with business. In this era of computers, the internet, and information technology the need of sharing contact on the website and virtual platforms are needed undoubtedly. Here comes the need of sharing information about the business, especially the contact information on the internet. 

Aikyaam is one of the pioneer digital companies that offer the best digital business card. They are in this industry for quite along. They have uniqueness and often offer digitally equipped products for daily use. As a digital enable company they offer digital communication with them. Their uniqueness is their process of works. In the modern era, digital transformation is spread in every inch of human life and the organization. So, they also offer digital and easy customer service support to clients. They are offering the easiest way to make your business card. Through their virtual medium, you can register with them, share your details and your business card is ready. So, don’t take tension, you can get your business care an easy way and affordable price in the industry.

The online means of sharing contact information is technically referred to as a digital business card. This card is also called the virtual business card or electronic business card. The basic to moderate pieces of information such as contact information, information about the respective business, and information related to the particular query regarding the business are shared on the internet with this type of virtual digital card. Like a physical business card this card also has the same information furnished to reach out to the website visitors or to the customers used to search the internet with business, as well as contact information. 

This card is shared on the internet or virtually with respective clients, customers, and with anyone. The main motto of sharing this card to virtually connect with clients or customers. Physical business cards have been replaced with digital business cards over time. Gradually with the continuous development of computer and internet technology this type of card has become more popular, as well as continuing to be so.


There are lots of features of digital business card. 

  1. It has lead capture capacity.
  2. It is convenient.
  3. Easy to use and easy to send to anyone. 
  4. It has navigation to your physical location. 
  5. Recipients can save your contact info for future references. 
  6. Recipients can easily reach out to you. 
  7. No need to carry your business card with you. It can save your space. 
  8. Through your digital business card you can easily connect your customers or leads. You can easily click, call and start business discussion with your leads. On the other hand the customers also catch you easily with this digital business card. 

The Cost

The electronic business card as discussed right above can be made by downloading a mobile application or with a computer application. Hence, this card can be made without even paying a single penny. There are numerous applications or software available to do so. So, the card-making process comes free of cost. If somebody wants to get the card done by an expert, for this the person needs to pay a very low or minimum amount.

The benefit of the best digital business card

As compared to its old form the physical business card, a virtual business card is much affordable. The technology of computers and the internet made it easy to reach out to clients or customers or anyone with particular pieces of information. A physical business card had to be made using paper, Ink and therefore it would take time to be made. Now with the advancement of computer and internet technology, the process has become easier, as well as consumes less time. So, in case of urgent requirement technology made the process simple and quick. In physical business cards for correction or adding new information would need the replacement of the whole card. But, the electronic business card can be corrected at any time if any information needs to be corrected or any information being missed to be added. 

Name, company, address, email, contact details to other respect details regarding the business can be put on the electronic business card. This virtual card can be enriched with either image or video or logo or social media profile. This scope of adding extra has made the virtual business card more attractive. 

The making histroty

The making process of electronic business cards is very simple. It can be self-made by using mobile apps available widely and using computer applications. Apart from computers this type of business card can be made on Android phone, iPhone and can be shared with anyone on these smartphone platforms. The simple processes of downloading the application from either Google play store or Apple store, selecting the information, images, videos, and putting all these together in a designed manner are all required to make this business card which made the card making the process a very simple process. 

Its Beginning

As per the digital marketing expert, it is the new beginning of the digital business card. Many companies now start believing that the old hard copy style has no value in the business society. The new era has marked a digital era. So, they need to change the mindset of the people. So, they start using this new type and modern business card. It already has seen that digital business card has gained great success. So, many companies have started their new operating system where they are offering digital business cards to clients. Aikyaam is one of the pioneer organizations that are offering the best and affordable business cards to clients. So, many marketing experts say it is just the beginning and it will develop in many new technological forms.

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