Can Induction Kits Damage Your Engine?

Are you curious enough to ponder on the different components of your car or just a usual driver who doesn’t care about what’s cooking under the hood? There is a lot to feed your curiosity if you dig in a bit. Here you will learn about induction kit and how it functions.

All About Induction Kits 

An induction kit is simply termed as an air filter. It could be present in a form of mounted air box in the car. The function is to filter out the air by holding back dust particles in the paper filters. These particles are restricted to enter the engine. With the help of air boxes, you can prevent dust from blocking the engine. 

Moreover, air boxes best function as noise reducers. They reduce the noise coming out of your engine as it works. When the air gets hindered more power is exerted and the engine sound gets louder, caused through turbulence. To avoid the loss of power, manufacturers keep the surface area small of the induction tubes. It reduces turbulence and increases performance.

When maintaining the car, hardly anybody ponders on noise reduction. If you swap the air box with the air filters things can get much better. The air filters help in releasing the engine noise.

Not everything is nice and useful about the induction kit. As there is a certain downside of using it. The air filters are attached near the warm are of the engine that makes it suck the warmer air coming out of the engine. To counter the problem, you must fit the air filters in a way that it feeds the cold air from outside. It will help in maintaining the temperature.

Pitts and Pitfalls of Induction Kits

Having an induction kit is not always a win-win situation. When you plan to buy a used car in New Zealand you need to check the engine and car parts and ponder on the working conditions of each one of them. You might even have to compromise on one thing or the other. However, the list of advantages is broad enough to convince you to have it. So, here are some pros:

When you put the air filters near your engine it sucks in the cold air from outside and ventilates the engine to keep the car temperature in control. This reduces the chances of blowing up your car or a sudden breakdown.

However, with the use of fitted induction kits, your engine might require high power gain. Here you have to compromise on low-end power. If you check the range written on the filters you will get the idea of the power intake. The high power, large engines can have the RPM range up to 20bhp while the smaller engines are across 1bhp.

With the use of an induction kit, you will find a massive pressure on the power consumption if you have a huge engine. Whereas in smaller one the influence is minimal. A mere noticeable change can be recorded.

An induction kit and its impact are best suitable in a sports car. These cars use engine power at the highest. So, in this case, the use of air filter helps to keep the car stable and running smoothly. Although the fuel usage would be a lot higher due to the heavy engine impact it becomes necessary as per the needs. This is also a reason why sports cars make such heavy and loud noise when driving.

Induction kits are more efficient than paper elements as they more effectively filter out the air. However, experts also state that induction kits, though being a great component to keep the air clean, are not as effective as OEM paper filters.

Can induction kits add fuel economy?

As the induction filters suck up the warm air from the engine bay it will automatically function better with more smoothness and with that, it will not suck up the fuel. Hence, induction kits ensure lower fuel consumption. It not only ensures fuel efficiency but instances the performance of your engine by reducing the noise element. All of it results in the driving experience. The driver has to exert less pressure in making the car move.

One thing is important to note. You can make your engine perform even better if you make little improvisation in your driving style. A little throttle and settled drive will make your engine perform even more effectively. 

Are all induction kits the same?

Not every kit is the same. The best one has its filters manufacturer using the gauze filtration medium where cotton material is used to create the filters. Moreover, induction kits vary with every car style and size. Some cars have huge filters while other can even have them attacked to the air boxes popped out externally from the engine hood. You must have seen this in SUVs. 

Winding Down 

The benefits of having an induction kit can be huge but it all depends upon the sort of vehicle you possess. It best fits in huge cars as their engine needs are massive as well. These cars get heated up too quickly if not fitted with a kit. Whereas, the smaller cars show closer to no influence of having a kit. Their minimal performance and small engine do not require such an innovation.

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