How to maximize the opening of your email marketing campaigns

As with any marketing strategy, optimizing the actions to the maximum until the results are maximized is the great objective to be achieved. This also happens in email marketing campaigns.

But how to make our users decide to read our emails and not send them directly to the trash or spam tray? Very simple, with the techniques that we tell you below.

The first of this will be to optimize the matter since it is the first step where the user stops.

Some experts recommend that it be between 90 and 120 characters, others instead argue that it should be between 30 and 40 characters.

In our opinion it must be long enough to clearly express the main idea and short enough so that mail managers do not cut it in half.

To ensure that our matter is within these specifications you must always be concise. It expresses the idea that the email is about in a clear and simple way so that the user can understand it quickly.

It highlights the most relevant aspects at the beginning of it and, above all, avoids generic or empty expressions of content. Be original.

Expand the subject information with a preheader.

The preheader or pre-header is nothing more than a small text as a summary that complements the information given in the subject.

This way your users will always know in more detail what your emails are about. With this little text the opening rate of your emails has just increased. Never forget to include it.

Turn to storytelling to create the issues of your email marketing campaigns.

If this type of narrative works in social networks and also in advertising campaigns in the media, why wouldn’t it also work in email marketing strategies?

Forget for a moment that you are trying to increase your e-commerce sales or visits to your website. You should try to make the reader be attracted to open your email.

Forget about spam formulas

One of the mistakes that many brands make in their email marketing campaigns is to use words in the mail issues such as “free”, “limited offer”, and others of this type.

Always be honest, as we said in the previous section, you should make the reader feel attracted and leave aside the typical formulas of SPAM messages.

Use power keywords in all your affairs.

Did you think that there were no keywords in email marketing campaigns? Well you were wrong!

As in positioning strategies, in email marketing there is a set of keywords, called power keywords. These are all those that emotionally induce the reader to read our emails.

Some of them are: guaranteed, special, colorful, popular, now … as you see, words from different fields that used with mastery can make us increase our opening rate in a very positive way.

Never forget to maximize your emails.

Calling the user to whom it is addressed by name, congratulating him on his birthday or simply showing him the news on his favorite products, are small tricks that will eventually make your users more faithful to your emails.

All these functions are very simple to implement with dynamic fields. All email marketing managers have simple tutorials where they can learn in a few steps how to do it.

If this is your first time, always use an A / B test.

The A / B tests are a very useful tool when you dedicate your work to online marketing. Since what today can work tomorrow no longer.

That is why we always recommend, whatever the type of strategy or online campaign to carry out. In no other way will you know what works and likes your audience.

Make tests with the design, the subject, the text you include and even with the images, gifs or if you add emojis.

It will also help you determine the tone with which to address your audience. More serious and formal? Or, totally informal? All these data, as we say, will be provided by the A / B tests.

As you have been able to verify that your email marketing campaign succeeds, it is as simple as always taking into account a series of very simple guidelines to remember.

As always, we wait for you in the comments to solve all your doubts. See you soon!

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