July 3, 2022

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Canada Fresh Cat Food –  An Overview For The First Time Buyers

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canada fresh cat food

Identifying the right brand might feel like the biggest step while shopping for pet food. Once you find the brand that suits your pet, it becomes a whole lot smoother. You can then explore the options the brand offers and find what your pet likes the most. In the cat food category, for pet owners looking for something safe and natural, Canada Fresh is a popular brand. Canada Fresh cat food variants are known for the use of great quality meat and other ingredients. 

What Does The Brand Specialize In?

The brand caters to both dog and cat food options. Canned food that is easy to store and easier to serve are the specialties of this brand. One of the best aspects about this brand is that most of the cat food variants in the lineup are suitable for cats of all age groups. From young cats weighing as low as 2kg to healthy senior cats weighing around 10kg, the food can be offered to all breeds and sizes of cats. You can easily alter the portion size to maximize the benefits of the food without overfeeding your cat. 

What Are The Unique Traits Of Cat Food From This Brand?

Canada Fresh cat food options contain 95% meat. This makes them suitable for the healthy growth and development of cats. 

It is made of locally sourced ingredients. So you can be sure about the quality of meat as well as the processing and packaging steps. It comes with the assurance of hygienic process flows for consistent quality. 

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Canada Fresh?

  • The brand uses natural meat. This is easier for cats to digest and biologically appropriate too. Which means that, once the cat gets used to fresh meat varieties in this range, the cat starts showing measurable improvement in its overall health. 
  • The food variants in this range consist of single meat. As a result, the protein structure of these food items will be easier for the cat to digest. This also results in a better assimilation of the consumed nutrients. This leads to the delivery of quicker results when it comes to the betterment of the cat’s health. 
  • There is a myriad of meat types to explore including lamb, salmon, chicken, duck, beef and even a red meat variant for the picky eaters. All these are grain-free compositions. They are also not processed in the same unit as allergens like soy. This means that every can is free from even the slightest traces of allergens that can cause discomfort in cats. 

What Advantages Do Cats Gain From The Cat Food Options In This Range?

  • Meticulously canned options in this range contain only fresh meat. There are no additives and flavors. This ensures that the cat does not become picky with its food. And the lack of preservatives and other harmful ingredients ensures that this one does not cause side effects like digestion problems with continuous use. 
  • Most cat food options in the market have complex ingredient compositions. As a result, some cats start showing sensitivities and allergies in the long run. Some might experience milder symptoms like bloating that go unnoticed but can turn out to be harmful to the cat in the long run. But the fresh ingredients in this range make the food variants easy on a cat’s stomach. As a result, even cats with sensitivities might easily get adapted to these. 
  • There is no artificial taste or color added to the meat. This makes it closest to home-cooked food. 
  • Regularly feeding your cat fresh meat like the food variants in this range will make their coats healthier and shinier. Cats that have excess shedding due to allergies or a weak and sensitive skin might also experience a better skin health with regular consumption of Canada Fresh cat food. 

Available both for online and store-based purchases, there are handy cans that can be conveniently stocked up and stored for future. The convenient packaging which is spill proof, also makes it easier to carry these during travel. When you have to offer something light and delicious to tackle your cat’s travel sickness, Canada Fresh cat food might be a reliable option to try out. Switching to fresh meat like the ones in this range also help cats with health issues and senior cats with special nutritional requirements. 

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