11 Sources to Get Free Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Moving to another place is very difficult. Weeks before you even begin planning, there’s a quite possibly you counsel moving companies, spreadsheets, and shopping records in front of the enormous day. Close to the head of numerous rundowns is the most omnipresent moving instrument is cardboard boxes.

Movers short on time frequently purchase sets of boxes—which can bring up to $2 per box. Savvier movers, however, realize they can score encloses for nothing an assortment of ways. Ahead, discover 10 spots to get going boxes gratis.


Do a fast pursuit of the site’s free segment (found under the “available to be purchased” heading). An ongoing study of New York’s Craigslist page demonstrated about 20 hotspots for nothing boxes.


Join your nearby gathering and put out the word or search to check whether anybody is now offering them.

Alcohol stores:

Attempt to request boxes with covers (in any case, the substance will undoubtedly drop out in the moving truck). Boxes from an alcohol store will in general be little and strong—extraordinary for books, CDs, and DVDs.

Book shops:

An ideal spot to get boxes explicitly for moving books.


Request that they spare their apple and banana boxes for you to get—these complimentary gifts are ideal for moving delicate things.


Before McDonald’s brilliant scrumptious fries discover their way into your Happy Meal, they’re delivered to every area solidified—and in tough cardboard boxes. These cases are solid and amazing for pulling overwhelming things that require a littler measured box.

Since the first substance of the container is solidified, you won’t need to stress over the cases being rotten (or oily). McDonald’s fry boxes likewise happen to have a Facebook page for devotees of their flexibility.


Having worked at Starbucks a, quite a while prior, I know for a fact that a store will get somewhere in the range of one to two shipments for each week, so there’s a decent possibility they’ll have boxes accessible on a week by week premise.

Since Starbucks confines run size, you’ll need to request that they hold their bigger measured compartments for putting away lighter, bulkier things.

U-Haul Box Exchange:

U-Haul has made a message board permitting you to look by area for nothing that encloses your zone.


Schools get a huge amount of conveyances. Have a go at interfacing with the janitorial staff and offer to get boxes from them and spare them the hour of separating them for reusing.

Your working place:

On the off chance that you drive to work, ask your office administrator or the people at the stacking dock in the event that they have any clean boxes you can have. In the event that they don’t, reveal to them your move date and approach them to save some for you to get one more day.


Facebook Marketplace and nearby Buy Nothing Project bunches frequently have boxes accessible. Discovering them is as simple as composing “cardboard boxes” into the site’s Marketplace area, or joining your nearby Buy Nothing gathering and inquiring.

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