Everything That You Need to Learn About Challenge Coins

You may have heard about challenge coins and the custom of challenge coins being popular in the US Military Force. However, this custom has been passed on to several other fields of duties throughout the years.

Today, the demand for different types of challenge coins like military coins, honor coins, etc. has increased and as a result more coin manufacturing companies have emerged. Read more to find out all things essential about them.

What is a Challenge Coin?

A challenge coin is a piece of metal, usually shaped as a coin. They are used as a token of representation, individuality, honor, identity of a squad or a group or an organization.

As mentioned earlier, initially they were only used by the US Military department. Later the custom of challenge coins extended to other fields of works such as fire fighters, police officers, paramedics.

In fact, today they’re used to pay tribute and respect for an individual’s honorary deeds. Hence, they are not bound with a limited area. Non-profit organizations, private business firms, etc. all make use of this small yet honorable piece of metal.

The Tradition of Challenge Coins

The custom of these coins is such that, in earlier days, they were passed on from one person to the other individual with a handshake. The coin was placed in the palm of the hand and presented to the other individual via handshake.

The tradition was that it wasn’t supposed to be seen by anyone for which in the beginning it was said to be an informal award or custom. Another weird tradition that is quite popular is related to drinking with colleagues.

Yes! You heard that right. At a bar, when someone showcases his/her coin then everyone present at the table has to also present their coins. This tradition is followed among individuals belonging to the same battalion or squad.

Anyone who fails to show their coin will have to buy a round of drinks for the whole squad. However, if everyone is able to show their respective challenge coins then the challenger has to do the same.

Traditions like these make them so authentic and valuable for a person or squad.

Challenge Coins convey a story

Do you know each challenge coin is supposed to be unique from one another? After all, they tell a story of their own. Yes! The artwork and design on the face of the coin conveys a story of the squad or the person to whom it belongs.

This is why each coin is articulately designed that tells a unique story. They are an honorable item that is presented to a group or a person for their extraordinary deeds.

The design conveying a story has to be simple yet impactful. This is the reason why the designing of a challenge coin is an extremely crucial part of the coin making process.

Types of Challenge Coins

Now there are several different types of coins available. As the customization procedure is quite popular, the kind of challenge coins have expanded over the years. However, some very common and widely known challenge coins existing over the years are –

  • Military Coins
  • Navy Coins
  • Army Coins
  • Business Coins
  • Honor Coins
  • Firefighter Coins

And plenty more. The types of challenge coins are limitless after all they are meant to highlight the great deeds and individuality of a person or a squad.


The age-old custom of challenge coins evolved throughout the years. However, the thought and emotion of the tradition remains the same. If you have someone who is known for their great deeds then appreciate them with a custom-made challenge coin today.

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