Changing patter of Education due to COVID 19

People all over the world never thought about the fact that their life is going to change due to COVID 19. The things do not vary with the fact that the things are affected by the COVID 19. Mostly, when there was lockdown all over the Country none of us thought about anything like this it was all of a sudden no one prepared for this lockdown and how to manage the things also. The whole country was shut down various industries affected due to this like Economy, finance, Hotel, Education, etc. I am going to discuss the changing pattern of education due to COVID 19. 

Education of students affected a lot of schools, colleges, universities have managed to come out from this situation and were ready to tackle the problems students facing with their education. 

There are some of the factors responsible for the changing pattern of education due to COVID 19 they are:

Increasing use of technology

Due to COVID 19, there was a very vast use of technology because the classes were shifted online and due to that students were allowed to carry out their schools online. The lockdown was enforced so students for their education adapted the technology in their life. Some students were facing the issue in starting but the changing pattern of education led them to carry on their class online and anyhow student manages to adapt to the technology and it’s a very long time it’s easier for them to carry the online class.

Increasing use of online tools

COVID-19 is the reason for increasing the use of online tools like the online free course and tools like doing the things like getting the online content available like free online learning material to the students. Learn from the online materials and make the classroom session as the forum like debate, discussions, and delivering and to promote the collaborative and experiential learning.

Personalization of learning

The online classroom was having some drawbacks also because each student is having their own pace of learning from the classroom. Likewise, some students grab the classroom learning very soon and some students face problems in learning the things and they need some more time. Different patterns for the different learning experience and students were friendlier with the classroom learning that why less period they face the problem in the online classroom but with some period they are almost totally affected with the learning experience of the classroom.

Professional courses

The impact of education is also measured in professional courses like Digital marketing course, Content writing course, Artificial intelligence, Data analytics many more. The youth are getting enrolling themselves for these professional courses and these courses are mostly online and learners are also enjoying these online sessions of these courses. The professional courses have given many job seekers a new learning experience and by doing these courses they are getting the proper job opportunity also.

The changing pattern of education due to Covid 19 has some factors there are some good features and some are some issues also. But students, youth, college, and university students manage to tackle the situation and they have done it properly in all the ways also.