How To Clean Tile And Grout Like A Pro

If you’re looking to clean tile and grout, whether it’s your home or business, Tile Doctor’s team of experts are able to help. Over the years, we’ve perfected our methods for cleaning tile and grout. We’ve seen it all. But if you’re wondering how to clean tile and grout like a pro, look no further! Tile Doctor have put together some simple steps that will have your tiles gleaming in no time at all.

1. Preparing to clean tile and grout

To prepare for cleaning your tile and grout, remove all of the loose dirt and debris by vacuuming. Then, wipe down the area with a cloth dampened with cleaning solution. If the grout is really dirty, you may need to scrub it with an old toothbrush. Relax—it won’t hurt and it will prevent future infections!

Tile Doctor’s Tips for Cleaning Grout & Tile:

Allow the area to air dry between uses.

Make sure tile dries relatively quickly.

Follow the directions to the letter as they may vary depending on the tile.

For more tips on cleaning granite and other stone work, check out our guides here and here.

It’s always a good idea to have one of your contractors or grout providers show you how to properly clean a tile or grout before you do it yourself, so when you’re next on the job, you’re not surprised with extra steps taken by your handyman.

2. The first step to cleaning tile and grout is thoroughly wetting it with the right cleaner

As the tile and grout cleaning experts, we here at “Tile & Grout Cleaning Los Angeles” can tell you that when it comes to tile and grout cleaning, wetting the tile and grout is the most important step. (Grout can be cleaned by simply repeating steps 1 through 3 below.) The key is to allow the wetting agent to penetrate deeply into the tile, then press firmly, taking as little time in this phase as possible. Wetting the grout with compressed air or a mixture of equal parts water and soap removes less residual grout, which means less chance for new grout breaking or the growth of odor-causing bacteria.


When first cleaning a tile or grout, a toilet seat often remains soft and stinky. This is because toilets were made with a rubber seat, and this material deposits onto the grout after usage. Wet the material with a damp towel and skip the toilets or a bowl of clear plastic scratch and dampen (spray) the area.


Our first cleaning method is very handy for lifting grout that is just seeped. To begin, lay a few grouts employ on a flat surface. Use a soft brush to sweep up the remaining grout that’s just seeped (a little goes a long way!). Dry with a soft cloth.

If you are using compressed air to clean your grout, simply turn the grout sideways so that the grout runs horizontal along the slope of the machine (this will further lift away dirt). Then use the pressure to fully clean away any remaining grout. (Be warned that it’s a lot of pressure—so don’t lean on the side to avoid spreading yourself too thin and overdoing it with harsh cleaning.)


Pressure-sensitive chemicals like phenol-based cleaners or stiffeners can damage or oxidize your grout faster than you can do it.

3. Scrubbing your tile and grout

You should scrub your tile and grout every 2-3 months to keep them looking clean. The best way to do this is to use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any build-up on your tile and grout.

Remember that grout and cleaner are two very different things. Regular grout squeegees won’t do any good for tile; the cleaner it is, the longer it will take for any grout build-up to come off. Moreover, regular grout squeegee’s do not damage grout or tile at all. Always use a Tile Doctor-approved grout removal product before wiping your grout clean.

If the inside of your bathtub, kitchen, or master bath is jam packed with grout, then you need to do something. Where will all the grout come from and how will it get off of your tub, vanities, and mantel? Tile Doctor have taken a look at many different ways to deal with jam-packed grout. First, we suggest getting a Hydro Train on the house to splash off the grout. After all, this amazing machine is more than powerful enough to take down even the toughest grout. (Of course, we also suggest getting a pond scum scraper if your home has a natural surface to remove the grout. These are made for cleaning grout and tile. And there’s no chemical residue!)

We’d then recommend buying a can of Boost Solution. It dissolves very quickly and doesn’t harm anything outside of its contents. Simply pour a solution into a clean mop and move it around your crawlspace – sucking up all that grout that’s stuck to the hardwood floors all over your bathtub and kitchen.

If you have sheered grout – fine lines right down the middle of your bathroom sink, cabinet, or vanity – we recommend using a mixture of 3 parts grout and 1 part Windex. Simply move the solution over the lines with a long, thin-sided sponge, push it against the line with your fingers, swirl it around with your hands, and rinse.

4. The final step to cleaning tile and grout is rinsing it off, followed by a thorough drying.

When cleaning tile and grout, the final step is rinsing off the cleaning solution and letting it dry. You should never use a towel to dry your floor because you run the risk of grinding dirt and debris back into the tile and grout. Instead, leave a fan on to ensure everything dries quickly and completely. Some folks like to use caulk and put it on the floor first, then stand back and admire the fresh look. If you want to try this method, give our professional tile cleaning video a look below. If you’re interested in discovering more ways to clean brick with our team, check out the videos on our YouTube channel. 

Video Transcription

Hi, everyone. My name is Jamie who works at Tile Doctor. We’re a California Based Tile Upgrades and Repairs Company. So, when we say clean, we’re not talking about paint, carpet, or wallpaper. We’re talking maybe painting some grout or maybe you guys haven’t seen this, but our tile cleaning company has actually used caulk on many occasions to clean tile or to clean grout. I believe they call it “Contractor Carrying Caulk.” It is a great way to go. 

Now it is very inexpensive, about a five-dollar bottle, and if you use the proper caulk remover and you follow the directions, one time did require a sponge and a sponge brush to complete the job. But for a simple floor cleaning, I can tell you it does the trick. In fact, for $80 and five minutes, I’m telling you this is well worth it for you guys reading this right now. 

I’ll walk you through step-by-step pictures as well as some unfortunate realities when it comes to cleaning a grout or cleaning tile. So, let’s begin today. 

First, the first question you’re going to want to ask yourself is how deep is the grout really? Also important is how smooth are the tiles. So, you want to take a handful of caulks and soak it completely.