Coupon marketing and 5 steps to create a coupon that works

What is coupon marketing? Coupon marketing is the way or usage of the coupon codes, discount codes, vouchers to attract customers to take advantage of saving money on the purchase of their interest. 

Now, the question arises that does your business need coupons?

Well, coupons or coupon codes have already been sophisticated or can say a practical marketing tool that not only enhances sales to an organization but also builds their brand image as well as the loyalty of customers. But using such modern and cultured techniques, coupons or promo code campaigns are becoming the source to track data for the customer relationship management. It is used to continuously improve marketing strategies.

What do you think, do you need coupon codes?

The answer to this question is not on your business model, scale, or even the market brand. Rather coupons help in every business regardless of its size and type only if a strategy is well processed and planned to undertake the requirements of budget and marketing objectives. The way you run the coupon campaigns needs to be consistent with the working of the marketing department. You can also take an overview of the websites that deal with the coupon or discount codes of popular retailers. Some of these websites are,,,,,, etc.

Benefits of Coupon Marketing

You might wonder about why to use coupon marketing, how it can benefit our organization and many more questions like this. So, here are the benefits of coupon marketing that arrives with the well-planned and implemented coupon marketing strategy.

Accomplishes your target sales faster

Coupon codes can be used as an effective incentive for customers to perform specific actions. These actions ultimately help the organization to achieve its sales as well as marketing objectives. Coupons can also help them break or sell the items they were not able to sell on their regular openings.

Enhances the customer base

Coupon codes do not only impact the customer’s loyalty but also enhances the likelihood for the brand that they will prefer your brand and will also refer it to their family and friends. But why? Well, customers usually respond to the brand that reaches out to them with coupons that ultimately helps in building positive associations.

Beat the Competition

If you will find yourself in the competition going ahead of your competitor, then here also, coupon marketing is way more beneficial than you could think of. It will make more attractive and captivating offers in competitive retail organizations.

Helps to get improved feedback

Coupon marketing also helps your organization to get improved feedback from customers than before. It encourages customers to take a short survey regarding your brand to notify the details they missed out or what they want. They will be able to clarify the potential improvements or positive points regarding everything they seem right.

Threats of coupon marketing

Unfortunately, even it’s all beautiful and sunny down there, coupons are like the business tools that comprise some hidden risks as well. You need to be aware of those risks before heading into the discounting procedure.

  • Excessive as well as constant discount offers can lead to the damage of the brand and the company can be viewed as not luxurious and less desirable, cheap in general.
  • Increment in the one-time buyers with reduced prices of the brand can create a loyalty issue among the clients.
  • The tendency of generating traffic from the cost-drive retailers and customers of the target group can also lead to the increased cost of acquisition, decrement in repeat sales, and can burn your promotional profit budget.

So, you must impose the marketing and coupon criteria before implementing them.

How to create coupons that work?

Here are the steps you can use to create coupons – 

1. Design

At first, people see the design of the coupon so it must be catchy and captivating for the customers. If you don’t have any idea of how the design should be, you should employ a professional that can design your coupon for you and can later modify it for future campaigns.

2. Expiry Date

Always provide the expiry date on the coupons to keep your budget and the value of products in the market captivating. You can check out the website including,,, etc. to know how they declare the expiry dates of the coupons by brands.

3. Concise message

Provide a clear and precise message as too long and complicated promotional code rules can decrease the interest in the customer to buy.

4. Tempting call to action

Remember that the call to action of your coupon must be visible to your customer properly. And, explore the call to action messages and make it more interesting rather than that usual shop now message. Prefer websites like,, to know exactly how to define a tempting call to action message.

5. Trackable Code

Be sure of whether you want to share a code for multiple use or unique codes for particular customers. You must use accordingly as you have to track each of these codes throughout your business lifecycle.

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