Custom Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn Boxes and Custom Popcorn Boxes are an increasingly popular item in the USA. Get high quality mailers for any requirement you may have. With low minimums and fast turnaround, re making a top rated custom box maker a reason to think outside the box. Packaging material that comes to mind is brown paper used for wrapping candy, but think outside the box to really get great packaging. Packaging material is important for many reasons to help the shipping process as well.

Printing Process

The printing process used on packaging materials helps to make or break the product. Most companies take the traditional box route, using non-biodegradable plastic to package their goods. This packaging material is neither safe nor cost effective for the customer. Packaging material that is made of heavy duty cardboard and paper is highly toxic and used by the food and beverage industry. Using these hazardous methods of packaging causes health problems to workers, consumers and the environment.

Custom Popcorn Boxes

Custom Popcorn Boxes can be designed with a custom shape to hold the perfect Popcorn. The most common shape for popcorn boxes is the triangle. This shape has the most surface area and therefore can save the most money for the consumer, since less material is required. The most cost effective material to use is cardboard. Cardboard is high quality and extremely durable when used for popcorns.

Wood Popcorn Boxes

Some companies choose to use wood for Popcorn Boxes, because it makes the packaging lighter and easier to handle. Popcorn packaging used wood because wood offers the most flexibility in design. Popcorn packaging that uses wood comes in many different colors. These various colors make the product look more attractive and stand out. The advantage of using wood for popcorn boxes is that the color holds up well in an environment that is not as sterile as a storage facility. It also will help to protect the packaging from environmental exposure, which helps the Popcorn Box from rotting.


When a company chooses to design the Popcorn Box in a style of their choosing, they may use a design template to help guide them through the process. A design template is basically a CAD drawing file that is used when designing the Popcorn Box. A company may decide to use a design template or create their own unique design template. If a company chooses to create their own design template, then they will need to take into consideration the characteristics of the cardboard itself. For example, a popcorn box that is made of heavy duty cardboard should have a thick paper stock backed on board, which will help the Popcorn Box remain weather resistant.

The boxes themselves should be kept in mind when selecting the best boxes to use for the Popcorn Products. For example, the Popcorn Boxes that is made from heavy duty cardboard should not be too thin or the cravings can be seen easily. Another thing to consider is the thickness of the material. Thickness is especially important if the contents of the Popcorn Boxes will be exposed to moisture. Thinner packaging allows the contents to dry faster and will prevent the cravings from appearing. There are some types of popcorns that do not dry out in the sun as quickly as other types do.


The final thing to keep in mind when selecting the perfect custom popcorn boxes is the paper used to print on. Some boxes can be printed on a wide range of paper, but some must be paper printed on. Some of the paper used to print on has a glossy finish that has an anti-glare property. This property will allow the printed material to appear less shiny than plain paper. This can be an important thing to keep in mind while considering what type of box would be the best to purchase.

Paper is also used in the printing process. The final product will most likely be shipped in boxes that have been specially designed and are packed with the appropriate packing materials. These can be things such as Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, newspaper, paperboard or even wax paper. All packaging techniques can be chosen by the customer in order to ensure the package arrives safely at the correct address. Every business will be different when it comes to the packaging and the paper used. A good place to start is by choosing the right method of packaging Popcorn.