Custom Printed Gable Boxes Use In Fashion

Custom printed Gable boxes are now one of the best and versatile kinds of Packaging Boxes available in the market. They aren’t confined to one usage, you can even use a Custom Gable Box around the house, in your office and virtually anywhere. Durability, ease of usage, flexibility of usage, great Design and extreme utility are some important essentials of a Gable Box. To mention a few, here is a look at the features available in a Custom printed Gable Box:


These boxes have the ability to be customized by adding or deleting the materials on the surface of the box, which changes its overall appearance. For example, you may decide to add a personalized message to your boxes. You can do this by printing the message on the box. Also, you will be able to add a logo or any other graphic on the boxes, which enhances their appeal. If you are planning to get custom printed boxes made in USA, you will have to choose the best company that provides quality services and has excellent graphic artists who can print your graphic images.

UV Sensitive:

UVA and UVB protection is very essential for these boxes, which are exposed to the sun every day. UV rays are harmful to wooden materials, thus to prevent any such premature wearing away, UV Sensitive Coating is applied on the outside surface of the box. The Coating protects the material from being broken down. These boxes are also sealed with an extra coating of urethane, which helps in maintaining the freshness of the boxes. To enhance their longevity, Urethane Coating is applied in a few months of purchase.


An attractive feature of these boxes is that they are glazed with a special glaze that seals the boxes and makes them waterproof as well. Water cannot enter inside the box, thus keeping your items safe from any moisture damage. In addition to this, glazing process also adds to the elegance of these boxes. With glazed boxes, you do not need to spend time in repainting them as well. These boxes look like new for years to come.

Custom printed:

You can design your own gable boxes. This will help you to personalize the boxes, according to your liking. You can add photographs, graphics or text on the boxes. The graphic images can be printed on the boxes using laser technology and are generally quite cheap when compared to those which are printed using ink and paper.

High density foams board:

These boxes are made up of high density foams that are usually used for insulation purposes. They are sturdy, durable and extremely safe when used for storage. They tend to be more expensive when compared to the standard ones, but the extra cost is worth it as they offer superior quality. You can choose from different sizes and designs. However, be sure to choose a box which is most suited for your items and that too at an affordable price.


Wood is popular for manufacturing boxes. These boxes are often available as stacked boxes and come in many different finishes. If you are looking for a box which is cheaper than the foam boxes, then wood is the way to go. This is because wood can also be stained and customized in a wide variety of colors. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and to maintain.

There are several advantages of using printed gable boxes. Above all, they can give your home a nice look and they can be customized in different ways. You can get a clear idea of the contents of your box by seeing how it is decorated. Also, since these boxes are durable and reliable, they will last for many years to come.

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