A comprehensive guide to Dating App Development

Dating App Development

Smartphones and Mobile Applications have played a significant role in altering every daily day to day activities of people. It is in the midst of this era of digitization that online dating market was able to gain a commanding presence. Statista revealed that this domain would achieve a market volume of US $2,530m by 2024. Furthermore, the average revenue per user is now US $8.92. The industry can thrive well enough all across the world, irrespective of language barriers or geographical restrictions.

At present, it is the online dating platform which occupies the dominant position as the most conventional approach to dating. If everything is strategized well enough, one can obtain a perfect prospective future in terms of profit in the dating app industry.

Nowadays, people are spending a lot of time (more than 90 minutes daily) on online dating services including the likes of Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid. It results in the generation of vast amounts of income for the dating application and website owners. It has been the catalyst for the rise in the development of dating apps or Tinder clones. Every entrepreneur wants his/her dating app to reach the people and thrive well enough in terms of revenue generation.

Features of a Dating App:

When we speak of Dating App features, it should bring a state of excitement within the user base. Before you begin work regarding the development of the app, contemplate and sketch out the elements along with development cost associated with the app. It will contribute to increasing the likelihood of your app to prosper well enough. The below-mentioned features will help you in the development of a Tinder clone based on the funds available. For the best chances, develop your dating app as one that belongs to the freemium model.

#1. Profile setup:

Post-registration, it is profile setup speaking of which is the most crucial step in your dating app. This is because it acts as a contributing factor to introduce prospective matches for the user. Make sure the Tinder clone features an assortment of customization options for the user base. It is done to give consideration to their personality. Thereby pay attention to implement the best features that would be well suited enough to reflect and optimize the personality of the user in the mobile application.

#2. Geolocation and Gender:

The power of GPS must be used to feature both Geolocation and Geofencing in the mobile application. It will split matches based on the region where the user is currently present in. Furthermore, the matches get fine-tuned based on the gender with which the user registered when the profile was created. Ultimately this feature must be programmed logic wise in a way such that possible matches are by default split based on the specified gender.

#3. Match Making- Swipe to the left or right:

Matchmaking is the most vital aspect when it comes to your Tinder clone application. It is the main reason why people signed up for your app in the first place so that they can get something that they desired at long last. Userbase can view the photos that appear on the screen and can swipe right (to say they like the profile) or swipe left (if they are not in approval of the profile). Everything is simplified with the help of a mere swipe left or right!

#4. Real-time chatting: 

This feature is used for optimizing the matchmaking process and giving it a refreshing touch. Provided two users find a mutual like for each other ‘s photo then they can start chatting with one another. Spice up things with the help of Emojis, Likes and GIFs as these can help in conveying more emotions and feelings precisely.

With Subscription-based models, you can implement voice chat, and video chat add-on features to gain the edge in the highly competitive market. This can be done mainly at a time when there is a lot of 4G users across the globe.

#5. Boost feature:

For the modest sum of a relatively few dollars, you can use the add-on feature called Boost/Superpower feature to optimize the visibility of a given profile and to increase the likelihood of quickly getting matches. As an entrepreneur, you can gain a more significant amount of revenue by boosting user profile for a given timeframe. Users can also pay to get unlimited swipe right options. This feature is very much mutually beneficial for both the user base of yours and you as a business person who is the Tinder clone owner.

#6. Social Media Integration:

This feature would allow users to register with the Tinder clone seamlessly and efficiently via their Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. as every information from the respective social media account is synced with the dating app. It will serve to decrease profile setup and verification time by a considerable margin. Furthermore, making use of this smart feature, the user-based conversation is optimized to the next level through the means of social media. 

#7. Push Notifications

Thanks to this feature, the user base gets instantly updated regarding everything that happens within the app, namely new messages, matches and any profile recommendations. Users can use the app only when they get push notifications. This feature enables consistent returns to the Tinder clone of your and will help in building user engagement by leaps and bounds.

#8. Offline Availability:

Offline Availability as its name implies is to allow the users to take all their conversations offline on the condition; there is a mutual agreement between them. This will help a lot in cutting down the cost associated with internet usage. 

#9. Block Users:

The dating application must include this feature for the user base to have supreme confidence in using the app. This reinforces the facts that all chats are robustly secured and that the users can now block people who involve in improper/scandalous behaviour. Once such a person is blocked, the user can’t chat with that person henceforth.

Admin Panel:

With the Admin Panel, there is supreme control over the entire application. Features can be integrated, font or colour or theme can be changed. The reviews of the application can be addressed through this panel. Users can be blocked on a temporary/permanent basis based on the reports related to improper behaviour. The number of ads displayed in the dating app can be increased or decreased.  There is also a dashboard that provides all-encompassing understanding/ analytics of both the active as well as inactive users.

Conclusion: –

This article would have thus given you a detailed analysis of how to develop your superior Tinder clone to gain a dominant position in the realm of dating applications.

To give good news to you now building your dating application is easy as never before thanks to the power of Tinder clone scripts.

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The services offered for developing a robust feature-rich dating app varies from $5000 to $10,000 based on how sophisticated your requirements are.

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Author Bio:

Vinoth is the enthusiastic entrepreneur and co-founder of Tinderboxsolutions. Tinderboxsolutions is a Canadian based technology company that offers clone app-based solutions to support clients from all across the globe. The company’s team is known for the work quality and dedication it puts in developing cost-effective mobile app solutions. It has helped its entire client base to prosper by building astounding products with the help of smart innovation and fresh UI/UX

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