6 Key Design Concepts of a Bespoke Home 

When constructing a new bespoke home, you are often faced with dilemmas especially when uniting modern and traditional elements. Another concern is whether to focus on the functional or aesthetic aspects. Home design is undoubtedly a challenging option for those who are looking forward to accomplishing elements that are a perfect fit for their lifestyle. 

Typically, bespoke houses should be well-functioning with several aesthetic attributes. Are you looking forward to a home design in Kelowna in a comfortable living space? 

Here are the designs concepts you can implement for a well-thought-out custom home:

  1. Fix the Layout 

The first point, to begin with, should be fixing the layout of your home and designing a functional space. Unless you decide on the kind of layout you prefer, you will remain stuck and fail to pin on the rest of the options. Take a tour of a few bespoke homes in person to get an idea of what may work and what won’t. Make sure the floor plan does not restrict your movement inside the house or if you have kids. Try to find out what living spaces you want to focus on. You may have to combine spaces to create the right mix when designing the layout. 

  1. Outdoor and Indoor Spaces 

You might not want to create a conscious feel everywhere indoors but choose your options judiciously. The key element is incorporating warmth into the décor and making the most of the entire space. Next is planning the outdoor space. The exteriors of the home offer plenty of scope for personalisation. So, you need to decide whether to go for a covered patio or an open area. In addition to a beautiful garden and spaces for sports activities, you can go on adding layers of features.  Make sure you do not create clutter when designing indoor and outdoor spaces. 

  1. Dealing With a Discomfited Place

Every bespoke home will have one or a couple of discomfited spaces. If your home design creates such spaces, you need to discuss with building contractors in Kelowna whether to leave those spaces unused or turn them into a more useful areas. Remember that leaving those awkward spaces empty may turn those areas into a hub of clutter. Think about ways to use those spaces effectively. For instance, you can turn such a space into a small study area or may personalise the space with a classy wine cellar. No matter how you transform the unused spaces, make sure it creates harmony with appropriate looks and cosy feelings.

  1. Future-Proofing 

You are all set to design your bespoke home and ready to invest substantially. So, you surely wouldn’t want the home design to meet your immediate needs. That is why you need to add design elements to future-proof your house. Even though the requirements change and evolve, you need to provide good opportunities to everyone residing in the house.

  1. Encourage Using Eco-Friendly Materials

Want to infuse sustainability with the design concept of your house? Stick to bamboo, wood, rattan, or at best wooden wallpapers to create an authentic look. For the outdoors, you can try to include green elements like small flower pots to create a calm environment, both indoors and outdoors. You can also add green foliage plants in specific corners of the house to add warmth. 

  1. Features to Promote the Resale Value of the House

No matter what your intention is when building a custom home, it needs to have all those design elements that promote the resale value. Almost every property buyer needs to rest their hopes on the resale value of the house, so you should act differently. 

For that, you need to stick to the basic features like the number of bedrooms your home needs to have, the area in the backyard, accessible features, lots of open spaces, and provide maximum design options for future buyers. Naturally, you need to consult with an expert home builder to meet your needs. Communicate with Bellamy Homes for a bespoke house you want to build in Kelowna. They have been one of the key players in designing custom and semi-custom homes that make you proud. 

Finally, the bespoke home you are planning to build should reflect your temperament. So, when choosing the design concepts, you need to focus on elements that allow you to live a happy and healthy life and make you a proud homeowner.

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