Military discount flights: Some perks from those who care for you

Military means different things to different people. Most of us think of them as strong men and women, who are out there to defend the country. Through the movies we have seen, we know that they have to go through a lot of training to finally become an active member. Some of you will know that to join them you have to go through rigorous tests, physical and mental, depending on the rank you are planning to join. Overall we have a good impression of them and most of us support them, though sometimes the things they do can be brutal. Airlines like most of us recognize their efforts and they have Military discount flights for you. There are a number of airlines in the country and they all have something different for you.

Some offers extend to your family too

The offers that are out there can be applicable to the flights of your family members too. As a military person, you will have a family life too. You may need to go with your family on holidays and some airlines understand this, extending their offers to your spouse, children or parents. Usually, these are applicable when you are flying together. You will need to have an ID that is proof that you are a military person, you may have to share it at the time of booking. You may need to show it at the airport to avail cheap military flights and other benefits. Some airlines give offers not just for domestic but for international routes too.

What happens after you retire?

Most people retire from the army early and while some are content with the pension they get, others prefer to start another career. This will mean that you are now a veteran and you will be getting a lot of respect from people who know this. You will be glad to know that there are offers for veterans too and not just active military members. You will also get Veterans Day flight deals, where you will be a celebrity. Veterans can try purchasing the vet rewards card which allows them more offers when you fly than without it. It costs a small amount, but you should purchase it only if you fly frequently or else it will be a waste of money.

Some information that will be useful to you

What you should know is that most major airlines have some offers for you. The big 3, American, United and Delta give you military discount flights that vary. They do this not just to make you smile but they are doing everything that they can for the country. JetBlue, Spirit, Southwest, and Frontier have offers for your baggage, you can carry more than normal passengers for free. They do this because they know that you will be going for your duty for a long time and carrying a lot of stuff with you. The same will be the case when you return after having served for some time or when you retire. On the other hand apart from all these Alaska Airlines also offers you Lounge access. They do this to indicate that they care for you and what you do. On the other hand, Allegiant will allow you to take your pet with you. You should note that some of their offers are attached to your reason for travel.

The world appreciates what you do

There are international airlines too, that appreciate what the US military does, like Lufthansa which offers cheap airline tickets for military members while Air Canada allows you to carry more baggage and without having to pay for it. Military personnel usually travel overseas when they are fighting for the country or as part of the peacekeeping forces. Domestically they are called in to help in case of natural disasters. Whenever they travel on duty the military will make all of the travel arrangements for you. However, if you are traveling off-duty, these airlines will be ideal for you to fly with. 

A final salute

When you are in service you will have more important things to think about than saving money. However, there is no harm in taking advantage of the offers that come your way, as you have a life apart from the service of the country too. These are also meant to encourage you as you fly to join your comrades. 

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