How To Design A Walk In Closet That Looks Great And Meets All Your Storage Needs?

In a walk-in closet design, you need to have enough space to comfortably store your clothing. It should also be visually appealing. There are various materials, styles, and features to choose from, but the following are some things you need to consider while designing a walk-in closet that will look great and meet all your storage needs.

1. Your Walk-In Closet Needs Space

First and foremost, the most important thing you need to consider when designing a walk-in closet is how much space it will take up. If you’re planning to use a corner or even the full wall for this purpose, then you need to make sure there is enough room for you to store all your clothes.

2. Choose The Right Size Of A Closet

The size of your closet is very important for a number of reasons. First of all, it determines the number of drawers and shelves that you can include in your closet. Generally, there are more shelves and drawers in a larger closet. However, if the closet is too large, it may not be practical or comfortable to use. You should also consider the type of furniture that you have and how that furniture might fit into your closet. For example, if you have a large chest of drawers, it might be difficult to fit it into a narrow closet.

3. You Can Have Both Functionality and Style in a Walk-In Closet

The next thing you need to consider is whether you want your walk-in closet to be functional or stylish. You can have both functionality and style in a walk-in closet because you can store the items you need in your walk-in closet, and you can also display your clothes and accessories on the shelves and racks. When you do that, you create a very stylish closet.

4. A Walk-In Closet Is Best in a Room That Gets Plenty of Light

If you’re going to have a walk-in closet, then the room in which it is located should get plenty of light. You don’t want to put your walk-in closet in a dark corner because it will make the area feel less inviting. You’ll also want to put the walk-in closet in a location where there is an exit so that you can easily go back to your living room or bedroom.

5. Consider the Type of Flooring

If you have hardwood floors, then they can be very slippery. In that case, you should choose a wooden floor for your closet. But if you have carpet, then that can be a good choice as well. If you have carpeted floors, then you can use a soft rug for your closet to make it easier to clean.

6. Decide Whether You Want a Single Door or Two Doors

You might want to have two doors in your walk-in closet instead of just one door. You could put a small door on one side and a larger door on the other. The purpose of having multiple doors in your closet is to give you more options when you are getting dressed.

7. Get More Ideas Online by hiring an Interior Designer

If you’re having trouble deciding what to buy, you can get more walk in closet ideas by hiring an interior designer. They will help you make sure that everything fits into the design. It will also help you get some ideas about how to decorate the space. You can also find many professional & experienced interior designers online. For example if you are living somewhere in Gurgaon you just need to Google it like the best interior designers in Gurgaon or best architects in Gurgaon and you will find plenty of interior designers and architects who specialize in walk in closet designing.


A good walk in closet will add value to your home and help you to create a personal space. But don’t forget to get it designed properly and make it look great. Just keep these tips in mind when planning out your own new walk in closet.