Best Ways to Make Art A Part of Your Home Décor

Home décor can make or break the entire vibe of your interior. Therefore, it’s of the essence to know how to make the most of your décor. Are you considering incorporating art into your interior design? Add a new dimension to your contemporary home by introducing fine art, portraits, sculptures or whimsical mirrors to make your home a sensational place to live. If you’re unsure where to start, we have a few suggestions for the best ways to make art a part of your home décor.

Gallery walls draw attention

When you have a large empty wall in your living room, there’s no better way to make it stand out than turning it into a gallery wall. If you have your favourite artist and are eager to display their work in your home. Start planning the look of the gallery wall. Do you want it to be cohesive? Do you prefer a hectic look? Think about the scale and arrangement. While you can create a perfectly symmetrical collection of portraits, on one hand, you could also scatter the works around and display them in your own creative way.

Use large sculptures as room dividers

Have you ever considered using art as a part of your furniture? Forget about walls or large bookcases to create separate spaces in a large room. Now, you can use your creativity and place a large art piece where you think it could pose as a room divider. Not only will you have exceptional art in your room, but you will also make the best of both worlds by seamlessly integrating it into your interior design.

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Don’t hang, let it rest

Who says that every framed art needs to go on the wall? Stay en vogue and let your favourite fine art and prints rest against the wall. Introduce your guests to your newest star of the home by displaying art pieces in the hallway. Your corridors and living room nooks will look more attractive with a fine art piece resting against the wall in the corner of the room or right at the doorway between two rooms. Large art pieces will look exceptionally well, resting casually on the floor.

Mix and match whatever you like

Do you enjoy looking at contemporary pieces as much as you like antique art? Your home is your little playground, so decorate it however you think is best. Mixing and matching different art periods will create a sense of uniqueness and add personality o your home. Forget about the rules and create your own. Mix shapes, sizes and patterns to create an ambience you will enjoy each day.

Set the mood with colours

Many people rely on colours to guide them in the right décor direction. If you don’t know how to best implement art pieces into your interior, consider following a specific colour scheme. Namely, if you’ve decorated the living room in lavender shades, consider a contrasting art colour to complement the entire setup. Yellow and white will go flawlessly with lavender creating a delicate balance. On the other hand, if your walls, floors and furniture are too neutral, art can bring vibrancy to the interior if you go with a variety of contrasting colours.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Mirrors don’t serve only to see whether your wardrobe fits well or if your makeup went wrong. Today, choosing a mirror is a question of home aesthetics. From deciding on the shape, size, design and colour, you’ll need to think about the mirror purchase slowly and with plenty of attention. Make the most of your home décor by hanging an artistic mirror in the middle of the living room wall. Pick a dramatic mirror for the staircase wall and add interest to those areas.

Art lovers are often perplexed by the home décor possibilities. Should you follow the rules or break them? Are you supposed to hang different shapes and sizes on the same wall? Should you use a sculpture as a focal point or not? It is entirely up to you. After all, you’re decorating your home, and if you get tired of the same arrangement, you can easily change it. Explore the options, play with shapes and sizes and make the most of your interior design with art.