DesignCap allows you to complete an image design in 5 minutes

You need to produce website design, posters, company promotional leaflets, or if you want to run self-media,

What should I do if Youtube, Facebook fan pages, and IG photos need to be textured and beautiful cover photos?

The DesignCap teaching introduced in this article is to help operators who have no budget to ask designers to get posters,

Picture design, download, make and quickly complete a textured promotional picture. Start now!

Introduction to DesignCap’s powerful functions

DesignCap's powerful functions

Many pictures, poster templates

There are more than 350 kinds of light poster templates, each of which has more than 100 types, which are all made by professional designers.

What kind of pictures you are looking for, there is everything, don’t be afraid to find them.

All functions

Marketing graphics, banner, website logo

This is the most needed function for marketers or self-media workers. If you don’t have an initial budget, please design it.

Video thumbnail, email title, cover photo

People who do Youtube or email marketing usually don’t know how to design their video thumbnails or covers.

Because to make the audience interested in your content, besides the title, it is your thumbnail and cover photo.

A good cover photo can increase your click-through rate. The thumbnails on DesignCap are quite textured.

Putting it on your homepage will surely make your audience think that you have specially asked a designer to help you design.

Cards, invitations, menus, menus

If you need to send virtual cards, invitations, or you want to invite VIPs, I would like to invite someone to design. I suggest that you can go directly to this part of him to find the template. After all, it is a lot of money to ask a designer to design once.

The card categories above are generally entirely professional. I suggest that you can make them yourself.

You can also modify it immediately; another great thing is that even the menu has templates directly applied.

It is recommended that if the business still writes purely on paper, don’t doubt and write your menu directly.

After printing it out, customers will immediately feel that they are in a high-end restaurant when they see the newly designed menu style.

All the dishes are worth it even if they are expensive, of course, your dishes should be quite delicious.

4 advantages of DesignCap

Lots of templates for you to choose

There are so many templates that you can apply to every day, and you may not be able to use them all.

Because when you are using it, DesignCap also invites designers to design new templates, so even if you use two or three for your marketing activities every day, you won’t use that much for advertising.

So don’t worry about your pictures and texts being repeated all the time.

Quickly make the design you want

The advantage of using this is that you can quickly complete the pictures you want. If you are not a professional design background,

It may take you more than an hour to make a picture. I am the one who came here, and I always feel that what I designed is not good.

It took several hours. Maybe I haven’t gotten it right. I don’t want to spend a lot of money to hire a designer for what I’m not good at.

I have to come by myself. It takes a lot of time. I spend about an hour on DesignCap myself.

I finished the beauty editing and copywriting for a week, saving a lot of time and money.

Let you use other people’s professions.

I just mentioned that professional designers designed the above template, which is more experienced than ordinary people.

When there is no money to invite others, this very start-up entrepreneur or novice uses this to make up for your shortcomings and focus on what you are good at.

As long as the text is slightly modified, the design inside is a very delicate pattern.

Also, just in line with the purpose of DesignCap-to make graphic design more comfortable.

Compliant with various picture related businesses

In this society, our focus will be attracted by these pictures and videos, so on FB ads, you will see that images and films are almost the mainstream, but film production takes a long time, so people often rely on pictures.

Therefore, he has a lot of FB advertising templates, not only FB advertising, as long as there are activities related to pictures,

You can see the types I introduced above or the categories I listed below:

After reading it, you should find that the types you need should be all above! The ones just introduced above are only a small part.

DesignCap’s price plan

price plan


  • Restricted template
  • Limited choice of material media
  • 5 pictures uploaded
  • Save up to 5 designs
  • JPG export


If you think that $72 a year is too expensive, you can also use the free plan first, but there are many templates and pictures,

There is no way to see it, and there are only 5 designs at most, and the pictures are only jpg files.

I do not recommend it. Some templates with higher transfer efficiency need to be paid to see.


  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited material marking
  • Unlimited stock photos
  • Unlimited templates
  • High-resolution PNG and PDF export
  • Upload 100 pictures
  • Save up to 100 designs


If you want to use it personally, it is recommended that you use this, all templates can be used.

And this can also export high-quality PNG and PDF files, which can save 100 designs,

For the average person, this solution is sufficient.


  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited material marking
  • Unlimited stock photos
  • Unlimited modules
  • High-resolution PNG and PDF export
  • 1,000 pictures uploaded
  • Save up to 1,000 designs


If you are receiving a case or need many files, this solution will suit you better.

The Plus scheme is only one piece more than the Basic plan, but it allows you to save 900 designs and photos.

I use this solution because of the high demand.

How to buy


After you sign up for a free account, you can click on your avatar in the upper right corner and press upgrade, or you can click on my account,

Click on Billing again, and you can see your plan, as shown in the picture below, which is used by me to open another account for testing.

Click Upgrade to go to the price page below.


This is the solution page just now. If you want the Plus or Basic solution, then press the orange button Select.


Then you will come to the checkout page. The left side will show what features your plan has. DesignCap can only pay by credit card.

Fill in your name, card number, date, CVC number. Please remember that the credit card holder must use an English name.

Congratulations, you can start using all the material tools. There are more detailed instructions below to help you get started faster.

DesignCap production teaching

Here is a brief introduction to DesignCap on how to quickly create a suitable advertising image.


Click on the website below to go to the DesignCap homepage.

Click on the category at the top left to select the theme you want to create. Here I will demonstrate with YouTube channel pictures.


When it comes to making a Youtube interface, click Start.


Then you will see a blank design paper, the design is very simple, but there are several points to note:

  1. Here are all the elements and templates
  2. Choose the material part you want
  3. You can design on this picture
  4. Do not move this place, because this is the size of the picture that best meets your needs
  5. If you have any questions, click here to contact their customer service


Choose a template, change the title, font, and put in some information materials to complete it.

It took about 5 minutes to draw the image below in the picture and made it super fast.

How to download the pictures made by DesignCap

Then you have to download the pattern you made, click download in the upper right corner. If it is a free plan, there is only a JPG file, and the size is only small. After selecting the specifications you want, click download to complete.

Why DesignCap is recommended

Using this website helps me save a lot of time without worrying about the ugly design.

If you need to design graphics and text, but it is not professional, I also recommend using this.

After all, we have to spend time on our profession and assist us through these preferential tools.

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