What is the difference between a car speaker and a home speaker?

Music is a way of refreshing the mind. It is a part of human life from hundreds of years ago. When electronic devices are introduced in the market, maybe one of the earliest electronic devices will be a music player. As concepts of house construction changed, music home theatre setup became an essential part of it. The development of technology allowed you to take that music with you in your car. As the car culture became prominent in India, the need for the best underseat subwoofer in India is also increased. Due to our passion for hearing music, we always tried to use the best speakers regardless of the place. 

A home speaker is always used as a part of a home theatre system which includes a visual output device like tv and sometimes the lighting, or it may be stand-alone. We can make home speakers big and less efficient due to the availability of electricity. Even if a good speaker has

low efficiency, we will still use it. Due to the higher capacity, the impedance of the home speakers will be higher. Home speakers can have large amplifiers. 

On the other hand, a car speaker o needs to be smaller, efficient and at the same time should have the best quality. To make efficient car speakers, manufacturers will try to reduce the impedance of the speaker. The car speakers are working with the help of the 12v battery in the vehicle, so it should be efficient. Due to the less space inside a car, amplifiers should be compact. Sometimes the amplifiers are built together with the best car woofer that can fit underneath a seat.

What is the need for a speaker?

In prehistoric times there are no ways to record music and hear whenever you want. But as technology developed, audio recording helped to record and hear the song whenever you want. There were early methods like cassettes and discs to store and play the audio. A good quality audio recording is valuable only if there is a device through which the audio played

with that same quality. Today’s high-quality speakers are a result of our quest to make the best audio output devices. Speakers are used in many places with different purposes. But the function of a speaker is always the same.

What is a woofer?

A woofer is a speaker designed to play low-frequency sound. They are helpful to play extremely hard to hear frequencies of music. The best car woofer design is to provide a home-like ambience inside the car. A subwoofer is more highly tuned to play the extremities of such low frequencies. Usually, they are using as a part of the speaker system to get the best result.

Here is the list of some of the best underseat subwoofer in India

1.Zoook moto69 monster PMPO under-seat 8-inch car subwoofer with inbuilt amplifier

We all love to travel by enjoying music at its peak level. Zoook monster X1 is the best solution for this and gives a great sounding bass which will provide excellent sound quality. This product is not only known for its sound quality, but also for its easiness to carry in your car. This sub enclosure is nearly 2.7 inches in thickness, so it can easily fit under the car seat. The amplifier provided in this is inbuilt, so the process of installation and wiring is easy. We can connect more than three speakers to its amplifier. The high lights of the woofer are that it has a thermal protection circuit and a short protection circuit. The electronic circuit will protect the automatic shutdown of the device when the device becomes too hot or when the speaker faces a problem of a short-circuit. This product has an overload protection circuit and has a low pass filter, which gives, control of a frequency of 40 Hz to 150 Hz that pass through the subwoofer. The benefits of an inbuilt amplifier are that it doesn’t need the addition of an external amplifier. They already can play louder. The body of the woofer is metallic, which is a mix of aluminium and other metals. It is a low powered woofer. The entire system installation only needs a local mechanic. This woofer requires a dc voltage of 11-15 volt and has a phase switch of 0 or 180 degrees.

2.Sony Xs Aw8 under-seat 8-inch car subwoofer with inbuilt amplifier

Sony is a well-known company having a high quality of products. They use advanced technology in their appliances for a better experience. The sony Xs Aw8 design comes with a driver unit and low resonance cast aluminium enclosure. The main feature of the subwoofer is the Ultra sleek shallow woofer. The woofer does not need a great space to occupy. Supplied with wired remote commander. This allows controlling the volume of the woofer in the driving seat. High-level input/audio line input can utilize higher voltage audio input for a clean audio signal and less external noise. Single-sided controls and terminals From this feature, it is easy to install and tuning the woofer. The 160 watts output power gives high power and natural, distortion-free sound.

3.Infinity bass link mini 6×8 under-seat subwoofer

The main motive of “infinity” is that every individual must feel a great bass. To fulfil this, they designed a bass link mini. This product can be installed under any seat you like. They also provide a die-cast anodized aluminium enclose and metal grille to protect the speaker from accidents. The best features are a loss pass filter, adjustable bass boost, and phase switch. The speaker and line-level input frequency response is 30-150Hz. It has a wired remote to control the volume. A one-year warranty will give by the manufacture. The entire wiring system is simple so easy to install.

4.JBL Bass pro SL-8-inch 125w RMS powered under seat compact subwoofer enclosure system(black)

The bass pro SL powered woofer is efficient for many vehicles. They placed under the front seat. This woofer will give the best bass experience. The amplifier provided in this helps to cool while powering the woofer. The system has an efficient class D amplifier. So this powers the device to produce minimal heat and does not need a large current. This product has optional wired bass remote controllers. The woofer of 8 inches in the bass pro SL is designed to give sound free from distortion and to give a high bass performance. This product will carry a one-year brand warranty. An inbuilt amplifier supplied in this will provide a lot of bass experience and needs only a little space.