How Mud Filter Screen Plays An Important Role In Sugar Mill Industry?

In the factories where sugar is processed filter screens are a crucial part of the process. Since long it has been in use to achieve desired results all throughout the world. Mostly, the filter screens are brought into use for filtering impure juice or liquids. They are responsible in a big way to improve performance and maintain quality. Likewise, the Mud Filter Screen improves the drainage of juice and efficiency in washing. They are also helpful in improving sucrose recovery and retention of mud cakes. Mud filtration is the final procedure for the residual sugar to be extracted in the mill.

The Important Role of Mud Filter Screen 

The Mud Filter Screens are made use in Sugar Mill Industries all over the world for its features and performances. This kind of screen is utilized to remove unwanted matter from the beets. It further helps the liquid and solids to flow continuously towards the unit of rotating drum. The liquids go through the screen’s slot openings whereas the solids rotate along the drum. Having enhanced perforation features it is favourable in preserving the value of sugar. It disposes all evident impurities by comprehensive filtration. This filter screen also is of assistance in de-watering and de-sweetening the mud in the clarifier.

The filtration process that engages Mud Filter Screen doesn’t make any loss of juice along with loss of production. It is so because the process of filtration is completely automatic. This process of filtering mud involves a rotary screen. This rotary screen allows pumping of huge flows above the screen inside. As the rotation of system occurs, the separation of mud and liquids take place. These filter screens are remarkably simple to work with and function in an extremely easy mode.

Mud Filter Screens & Their Advantages

The use of Mud Filter Screen in Sugar Mills has quite a few advantages. 

  1. For better efficiency, these screens have uniform perforation on working surface which also minimizes residual stresses
  2. For longer life,  these screens contain least blank holes as well as broken punches
  3. To further minimize residual stresses, the side margins are parallel and straight
  4. Along the seams or joints there is unvarying flatness all the way through
  5. They are resistant to cracking which decreases operational failures
  6. They have superior longevity which lengthens the service life
  7. They are reasonably unproblematic to install

To retrieve sugar and sugar products highly proficient methods are carried out in the sugar mills. To filter and further process sugar, filter screens are a big necessity. These filter screens save precious resources along with money and time. They are always used for sugar processing in various distinct conditions.  

The Technical Specs of Mud Filter Screens 

Mud Filters are mostly manufactured using stainless steel. The steel to be used is methodically spectro tested. It is a way to check the steel’s tensile strength, rigidity, and thickness. Thus, it is ensured that the filter screen produced will be durable, give superior service and be of money’s worth. Mud Filter Screen made of quality material makes the life of the screen lengthened and achieves improved results. The standard screen comes with a 20mm side margin on the longer sides. They boast of perfect sized holes with O/A or 20%.

The mud filter screens are commonly shaped in rectangular form. The Weave Type that is incorporated in designing this filter screen is referred to as Dutch Weave. The size and number of layers differs with every screen and comes according to the requirement of client. Fresh and enhanced design guarantees consistent flatness and smoothness for trouble-free shaping of edges. These filter screens can be manufactured as per the demand and requirements of clients. They are also made according to the size of the rotary drum. Most manufacturers put an assurance label on such screens. All the details that involve the design and creation of the filter screens are given highest preference. This is to minimize the expenses of sugar processing operations. 


Mud filter screens are available in different sizes to fit drum filters of different dimensions. They must be highly effectual for superior recovery of mud. They are a proven piece of equipment to separate solids from liquids. Filter screens having smooth surface doesn’t get clog easily which increases the screen’s life. They are manufactured under certain standard conditions to provide maximum flexibility and prevent cracking. Mud Filters includes several design modifications, meant for making sugar processing more cost-effective.