Digital marketing is gradually replacing all the traditional forms of advertising, and it uses the latest technology to make a business stand out among its competitors. With the advancements in marketing trends, the job of a digital marketing specialist has become challenging. These professionalsare expected to be skilled and aware of effective digital marketing strategies. They need to stay well-informed about the changing marketing trends that include analytics, creative direction, sales, digital media,and others.

It is a form of marketing that has become a necessity for every business, whether they are solely operating digitally or are using websites to represent their physically operating businesses. For this purpose, most of the businesses tend to hire the services of either a digital marketing agency or a digital marketing specialist. However, it’s not affordable for most of the small and local businesses.

In this article, we are going to elaborate on the digital marketing strategies opted by expert professionalsin the field.

Performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without any doubt, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most crucial and impactful digital marketing tactic. In fact, every digital marketing professionalprioritizesSEO of the website and digital profiles over every other marketing techniques.

However, it’s a long term strategy that needs consistency and technical input.SEO enhances the site’s visibility and ranking on search engines so that more organic traffic is generated over the website. 80% of the users conduct online research while buying something online, and half of them discover new options.

Most of the users tend to choose thewebsites that appear at the top on the first page of search results. The digital marketing specialist crafts effective SEO strategies to rank atthe top and hunt those customers.

If your business is operating locally, your hired specialistwill perform the local SEO of your business website to enhance itslocal visibility as well as to enhance local customers and revenue generation.

Using Chatbots as Customer Service Mode

A digital marketeralso makes use of Artificial intelligence  (AI) technology like Chatbots. The chatbots serve as a virtual concierge, that naturally communicates with the customers, by using text chat windows. Verbal interaction is also possible with these bots.

The system collects insightful data to learn about the customers and consequently offerstop-quality service. These chatbots allow personalized and focus interactions to users, and the interesting part is that it minimizes the need for humans to interact with customers.

Statistically, 43% of customers prefer using chatbots for their queries and communication with a brand rather than making phone calls. Owing to the 24 hours service availability and instant replies to customers’ queries, chatbots are the fastest growing digital marketing trends in 2020.

Sending Personalized E-mails

Though the modes of communication have changed in the present era, and the mail oriented chat rooms are not being used today, e-mail is still a major channel for professional communication. It is used for personal, commercial, industrial, legal, scientific, and academic purposes.

E-mail marketing is a strong yetevolving trend in 2020! The goal is to increase brand awareness and provide valuable information to customers.

The job of a digital marketing specialist is to personalize the content of emails that are supposed to be sent for marketing. A specialist goes the extra mile by using stunning visuals and user-centric designs to make the marketing emails as engaging as possible.The specialists create and personalize e-mail campaigns according to the interests of users.

PPC  (Pay per click) advertising

PPC advertising is another strong digital marketing strategy. A digital marketing specialist crafts PPCadsby bidding on relevant strong keywords so that the ad appears among top search results. It’s a smart and cost-effective marketing strategy as you have to pay only for the results.

Whenever users click on an ad, they are directed to the brand’s landing page where they can be persuaded to take action through a CTA (Call to action) button. Effective CTAsenables conversion, product buying, signing up for email newsletter, or any other action as designed by the brand.

According to statistics, 50% of the users who click on an ad are likely to buy the product.

A PPC expert will either create PPC ads on Google or social media platforms or both, according to your instructions.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a new and revolutionary digital marketing trend. Digital Marketing professionals create engagingmarketing campaigns for your brand and then launch them on appropriate social media platforms.

The social media platforms that are known for digital marketing include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The focus of a digital marketing specialist is to create informational and promotional content. The content is created to interact with the users on these platforms.

In accordance with the statistical figures, up to 70% of customers rely on social media when they want to purchase something,and 65% of such customers prefer using social media to seek customer care services.

Social Media Marketing has proved to be effective in generating leads, sales and conversions as well as in increasing revenue generation and ROIs (Return on investments).

Crafting Interactive Content

People love to click, swipe, or interact with content that’s informative and attractive. In fact, interactive content is rated as a highly effective marketing strategy in educating buyers. The digital marketing specialist creates different types of interactive content like short quizzes, polls, augmented reality ads, 360-degree videos for different digital platforms.

Such content productively engages people. Besides, the cutting edge marketing technology provides people an immersive and learning experience. Moreover,customers these days like to engage in such fun activities with brands,and these activities also keep the customers connected to the brands.


Trends are shifting at a fast pace in the world of digital marketing. Everyday a new trend replaces an old one. The key to success in the digital marketplace is to keep up withthe pace of the changing trends and customer’s preferences. For effective digital marketing of your brand, you need to either hire a digital marketing specialist or follow the strategies opted by professional experts in the field.

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