Discover Your Color for the Next Mandala Tapestry!

A Mandala is meant to represent the completeness, wholeness, and fullness of an infinity that helps you understand what exists beyond the universe through its graphic representation of ‘Circles’. It also acts as a spiritual guidance tool, as it operates on focusing the attention of practitioners and masters during the breathing process. The mandala signifies the inner self and shows the path for achieving the process of enlightenment that is a state where you are aware of you and have that humanity for every single being. You will feel an illuminated soul with inner peace and serenity. 

If you would like to feel that fullness and imbibe those cosmos energies all around you, just pick a Mandala Tapestry to modernize your own space.

Aggregating all these merit qualities, Mandalas of various illustrations are screen printed on tapestries with appealing vibrant colors for a multitude of targets. At Yogashq, you can find all sorts of Mandala Tapestry with attractive and heart soothing colors that personify your style and attitude in your own craze.


Modern Mandala Tapestries are available in different colors and each color has its own purpose with real value and meaning. The colors of a mandala tapestry are very expressive and articulate. Find your own color that personifies you with your style and attitude.

Step 1: Firstly, decide to what colors you gonna go with?

“Warm colors or Cool colors”

Warm colorsCool colors
Warm colors express the feeling of joy, passion, sensuality, excitement, strength, power, and energy.Cold colors are associated with sweetness, quietness, contemplation, sadness, and rest.
Warm colors: Red, Orange, and Yellow.Cold colors: Green, Blue, Black, White, Pink, and Violet

Step 2: If you have chosen Warm Colors, find to which warm color you are going with. Refer to the below section of no. 1 to 3 for a clear description.

Step 3: If you prefer to Cool Colors, pick out to which cool color you are most attracted to. For a better outline, refer to the below sections of no. 4 to 8.

  1. Red Mandala Tapestry

Red mandala tapestries are known for their power. It focuses on the life force and shows the spotlight over memory and our passion. So, a person who has all this kind of quality chooses a red tapestry.

  1. Orange Mandala Tapestry 

Orange mandala tapestries personify oneself for their creativity, self-awareness,  and transformation. So, a person who personifies this quality will choose orange mandala tapestries.

  1. Yellow Mandala Tapestry

Yellow is the world’s happy color and yellow mandala tapestries refer to the effort, humility, learning, and happiness. Generally, all young people with happy minds go with the choice of yellow mandala tapestries.

  1. Blue Mandala Tapestry

The color blue is known for its calmness. Blue mandala tapestries are used for inner peace and serenity. A person who is longing for purity and wisdom can go with blue mandala tapestries. 

  1. White Mandala Tapestry

White mandala tapestries ultimately focuses on Peace, contemplation, faith, and openness. Go with white tapestries to gain tranquility. 

  1. Black Mandala Tapestry 

The purpose of black tapestries is to show the character of individuality, deep thinking, and mystery. So, a person who personifies this quality will choose black mandala tapestries.

  1. Pink mandala tapestry

The pink mandala tapestry or pink tapestries are known for the expression of love, romance, feminine, and intuition. This vibrant comes under calm colors.

  1. Green Mandala Tapestry

Green is the color of nature and green mandala tapestries are known for exorcism, peacefulness, physical healing, and love of nature. A person who would love to have a peaceful meditation can go with green mandala tapestries for harmony.

Shades of mandala tapestries narrated many-sided values of them. Choose one for yourself and present to your nears and dears that personifies your unique style and attitude.

The advantages of using Mandala tapestries are it acts as a spiritual guidance tool and helps in better concentration during the meditation process. The dynamic and lively colors of mandala tapestries gives you a personalized effect and aids in building your own space. Mandala Wall Tapestries are widely used for smart home automation company decors as they are easy to hand and clean.

We at Yogashq, offer various sorts of mandala tapestries with high quality which are affordable to everyone. You can find a variety of vibrant and calming colors of mandala tapestries that aids your comfort with inner peace with completeness. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab one for you and your near and dear ones to feel the bliss!

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