v-neck babydoll top

Embracing Cultural Diversity: The Allure of V-Neck Babydoll Tops in Fashion

Introduction In a world that celebrates diversity and uniqueness, culture plays a significant role in shaping fashion trends. Every culture carries its distinct clothing traditions, influencing the fashion industry in unprecedented ways. One such trend that has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts globally is the v-neck babydoll top. This iconic piece of clothing combines…

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Top 6 Wearable Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

1 Drawstring and tie detailing The first trend of summer that we want to talk about and one that is everyone’s personal favorite is drawstring and tie detailing so you’ll see a lot of dresses and pants and jackets and sweaters that have this drawstring or tie detailing. The great thing about it is that…

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Tattoos Culture - Tattoo Design Inc

How Tattoos Went from Subculture to Pop Culture

Tattoos are now being adopted greatly irrespective to which region, culture or industry you belong. The reason lies in the shift it took from subculture to pop culture. Now when did this exactly happen?  You know that scientifically there is no legit evidence concerning a specific date as to when the tattoo originated. Many historians…

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Mandala Tapestry

Discover Your Color for the Next Mandala Tapestry!

A Mandala is meant to represent the completeness, wholeness, and fullness of an infinity that helps you understand what exists beyond the universe through its graphic representation of ‘Circles’. It also acts as a spiritual guidance tool, as it operates on focusing the attention of practitioners and masters during the breathing process. The mandala signifies…

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