What a Ute Canopy can Do for Your Vehicle

vehicle ute canopy

Utes are possibly one of the most, if not the most, useful vehicles in the world. Part car, part truck, the ute has its proud origins in the Australian farming industry, but its usefulness wasn’t pigeon holed to this sector, as soon the ute proved its worth as both a recreational and family vehicle too. However, humans are nothing if not adaptable creatures and where something can be improved upon, they generally seek to improve it. This is where some innovators looked at the ute and decided it could be more – enter the ute canopy.

What is a ute canopy?

A ute canopy is an attachable “tent” like structure which affixes onto the back of your ute. This structure offers protection against the elements for anything you might have stored in the back of your ute, and is a handy addition if you’re driving with materials that need securing. It also adds a level of protection against theft of your tools and belongings depending on the kind of canopy you purchase. But the question remains, what use is a ute canopy? After all you bought a ute presumably because of the handiness of its open back. Why would you then put a tent on that?

Extra Storage

You know how utes are renowned for their ability to carry big loads? Well, what if we told you that you could easily double, even triple that storage capacity through the use of a canopy? The canopy of a ute generally has compartments or walls and ceiling that can be used to carry extra stuff. The ute can carry a lot in its tray but it’s a shallow space. Adding a canopy allows you to pile things higher, and offers additional security for larger loads.


No one can deny that utes are perfectly functional. In fact, “ute” is short for “utility.” However just because something it useful doesn’t mean it needs to be unattractive. Many people find canopies a vast improvement on their vehicle’s appearance, making the car appear more complete and stylish. Many people go as far as a to have a canopy custom-built for them, though this is costly.

The Appeal of Aluminium

One of the most common kinds of ute canopy is the aluminium ute canopy. This is owing largely to their pleasing design and sleek style. Aside from this however, the aluminium ute canopy meets two signature requirements of ute canopies. First of all, they are strong. Ute canopies need to be structurally sound, otherwise they won’t be able to withstand the elements and the rough lifestyle that many utes are subjected to. Second, they are light. A canopy that exceeds your vehicle’s weight limit is a huge risk not only to the vehicle, but to the driver and anyone driving near them. Ill-weighted canopies can cause a ute’s chassis to bend, a significant injury to such a useful vehicle and an expensive fix for the owner. Not only this but a heavy canopy can negatively influence your ute’s physics, making it more difficult to control on the road and a significant hazard.

Furthermore, aluminium canopies don’t require the maintenance that other canopies do. Most canopy materials require their owners to apply a coat of paint to it in order to keep up its appearances and maintain its integrity. Aluminium canopies are highly resistant to the wear and tear that canopies made of other materials may suffer and thus don’t have this drawback. They are also incredibly resistant to rusting.

Not to mention that aluminium canopies function somewhat as a method of protection for the ute itself. When you install an aluminium ute canopy to the back of your car, the canopy protects the ute’s tray from the elements and wear and tear, increasing the life of your ute exponentially.

Portable Accommodation

Utes are handy for a range of professions, but perhaps least known among the jobs that benefit from the sheer versatility of the ute are geologists, archaeologists, surveyors – people that are “on site” a lot and don’t really have anywhere to bed down. Well, for these people a canopy on the back of their ute might as well be the tiniest of tiny homes. Many people find that the canopy is suitable protection from the elements, and with the locking mechanisms available on many canopies they provide just as much protection as a house.