Some effective dating app monetization strategies

It is known that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill. Now dating apps like Tinder are leveraging this scenario to help people find more connections with the help of enthralling new features.

Now is the time for entrepreneurs to capitalize and monetize with the help of a robust Tinder clone script. Because social distancing doesn’t allow real dating at present, people have no option but to opt for virtual dating methods.  For starts, a Tinder clone script can cleverly enhance distance-based filters so that the users can connect with people countrywide.

More and more dating apps are now gaining prominence as their subscription bases, and app usage activities have been increasing exponentially. It is directly leading to better revenue streams as well. Research reveals that by 2023, dating app users will account to nearly 161 million, and the associated revenue is expected to skyrocket to $1.447 million. This trend will see an upwards rise for sure. Let’s now speak on how you can monetize appropriately with the help of Dating Apps and Tinder clone scripts included:

We wonder how dating apps were able to monetize successfully despite over 70% of the users very hesitant to access the premium features. When speaking of the apps, they encounter several hurdles like app environment design, user data security, user base expansion and implementing a sustained flow of revenue. To optimize the revenue, they integrated a variety of monetization strategies like In-App Purchases, Rewarded Surveys, Rewarded Videos and Offerwalls. Let’s get in detail.


This is a widely used strategy where the app users can access premium features on a monthly or annual basis. If we take the case of Tinder, it has its own Tinder Plus Edition with which the probability of getting more matches is increased dramatically. For instance, Tinder Plus features Unlimited Liked, whereas the standard version of Tinder has only certain limited Likes daily.

The Subscription Plan comes with a lot of excellent features that were not featured in the standard version:


With this, the Users can undo swipes which they made in the first place by mistake.


Users have the option to change their location and swipe across people living in various other cities.

Unlimited likes and more super likes: 

Featured here are an infinite number of likes, and they can have five super likes rather than just one whenever they swipe up. Speaking of the latter, they can increase the probability of getting a match by up to three times more than usual.

Revealing some statistics, in 2018, the paid user base of Tinder accounted for 4.1 million people, and the revenues were of the amount constituting to $800 million. Some other dating apps also follow the Subscription model approach as carried out by Tinder, where users can use the basic version of the app and will have to pay for other special paid features.

For the other dating apps that can’t follow the in-app purchases-based monetization strategies, there are few other alternatives like Rewarded Videos, Offerwalls and Rewarded Surveys.

Rewarded Videos

As it is seen that most of the dating app users are reluctant to spend a few dollars every month, some popular apps, including the likes of MeetMe have integrated in-app advertising as an effective monetization strategy. Instead of subscription to access some premium features like the Boost, users can opt for watching a Rewarded Video in the case of MeetMe.


This features a free coin section within the app, and this is seen as a cost-free alternative to paid features. In the case of the Spotafriend app, the app users can accomplish and finish various tasks for some digital points/ coins that are stored in the digital realms of the app. The coins can be used for upgrading like boosting the user profile in a given area or for increasing the likes within a given timeframe.

Rewarded Surveys

This monetization strategy is used by dating apps to optimize their in-app ad-related income. These Rewarded Surveys can be integrated as an extra entry to a free coins section and be used to unlock some specific feature as well.

When we take the case of the Matcher Dating App, the users will take a survey and redeem extra swipe-rights as related to a given period. Typically dating app users prefer Rewarded Surveys rather than watching a Rewarded Video. Furthermore, publishers are also inclined towards Rewarded surveys due to the higher eCPM rates that get generated as a result.


The Dating App domain is a powerful means of monetizing when it comes to a business point of view. You can use a Tinder clone script solution to develop a cost-effective Dating App, and you can build huge revenues by using all types of monetization strategies that were mentioned in this article.

We at Tinderboxsolutions have developed a robust dating clone script solution that is economically priced and full of amazing features that were not a part of the original Tinder application. If you are interested, you can visit to know more about our working and our product. We can get you a unique dating application developed in a short time making use of which you can make people connected in this quarantine period and earn huge revenues as a result.

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