Establish Your Spa Business With A Massage Envy Clone To Make More Money

Every industry is moving toward technology in order to provide better services in the market. The beauty salon app like Envy Clone has seen significant shifts in customer behavior in recent years.

People prefer online services since they can arrange appointments and get beauty services at home with only a few clicks.

Previously, the beauty and salon sector was growing at a breakneck speed, but the situation has altered dramatically thanks to the trend of salon app development or on-demand beauty services app development.

Features To Imbibe In Your Massage Envy Clone App

Login and registration

The users can login and register using their social media credentials as well as Face ID or Fingerprint Impression since the app is available on both IOS and Android.

Appointment booking

Your app’s main feature is the ability to schedule appointments. As a result, you must ensure that users can schedule a salon seat with just a few taps.

Browse services

To make an app like Envy, it must have high-quality and relevant graphics as well as compelling product/service photos or videos.

Images/Videos of services 

High-quality and demonstrative videos as well as photographs make it easier for users to figure out which service is best for them, in addition to discovering services.

Calendar/ Slot booking

Allowing users to integrate their phone calendars with the app and track appointments clearly improves the user experience.

Booking conformation

Developing an algorithm that tells service providers and clients of appointment booking confirmation status via email, push notifications, SMS, or in-app notifications.

Booking history

This functionality is required for your app to assist customers in deciding where to book their next appointment based on their previous booking. You may also use their booking history to provide a more tailored experience for them.


Prepaid appointments are more likely to be effective, as they eliminate the possibility of no-shows or late cancellations. This functionality also enables consumers to go cashless by allowing them to pay directly from their online payment gateways using their Credit/Debit cards, Wallet, etc.


This functionality is required to notify users about any discount, voucher offer, or loyalty program

Review and ratings

Other users’ feedback acts as word-of-mouth for your and your partners’ brands. Positive reviews promote your services, and negative reviews point out areas for development.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Spa Appointment App?

There are various advantages, and the prices are minimal. Consider creating your own salon booking application if you haven’t already. Whether you choose to start with one feature or integrate all of them in your app is entirely up to you. An app with appealing features will be a trustworthy tool that your clients will love, regardless of how big or little your company is or what type of business you have.  

However, you should be aware of crucial cost-influencing aspects before hiring on-demand app developers. Why? Because being more aware of these issues can assist you avoid blowing your budget.

  • UI/UX Design (For a stunning app design, we recommend producing a wireframe + prototype).
  • Mobile app development for iOS and Android (We suggest opting for cross-platform app development)
  • Development of the backend (pick your technology stack wisely)
  • MVP testing for web development
  • Assurance of high quality

The number of features, the complexity of the app design, and the location of the mobile app development business all influence the development cost.

Wrapping Up For Massage Envy Clone App

You must grasp the characteristics that are essential to design a salon booking app that attracts more consumers. As previously stated, development considerations impact the cost of producing an app like Massage Envy.  You may, however, lower the app development cost by developing an MVP. 

Connect with the dependable Mobile App Development Company that has years of experience in developing On-Demand Apps. 

 We wish you the best of luck with the creation of your salon app. Take action!