Experience the New Era of Wedding in Pandemic

The small wedding has changed the wedding trends. The pandemic has changed the whole viewpoint of weddings. From grand entrances, to catering to 1000 people everything is changed and lead to a maximum of 50-100 peoples. The havoc in pandemic has changed the situation and led to more intensified yet minimal weddings.

The cancellation of weddings is high due to nationwide lockdown. We Indians like to celebrate everything in a grandiose way while COVID-19 has given birth to micro weddings. The restrictions have changed the wedding trends which can not only save money but put a halt to grand shopping.

The change in wedding trends is seen as sustainable, minimalistic, creative, and much more. The people have understood the impact of coronavirus and accepted safety over anything else. Ditch the grandiose, and accept the situation to enjoy the wedding with lesser people. The big fat wedding guest list is replaced by the shorter list entertaining fewer people and capturing all the moments by hiring a photographer in Gomti Nagar.

Here Is the List of New Wedding Trends

Introduction of Micro Weddings

With social distancing and restrictions on gatherings, micro weddings are the best way to celebrate your big day. Gone are the days of big fat weddings, enjoy the subtle and micro weddings with your loved ones by your side. The micro weddings give the couple and family members more chance to enjoy the wedding and click all those pictures they would have missed on the big fat wedding. The candid photographer Gomtinagar has captured every moment by taking every proper precaution. There are several ways and creative ideas to organize the best small weddings.

Welcome to The World of Digital Weddings

Who knew the time would come when we see our best friend tying the knot over a video call? Digital weddings are new normal in the pandemic that connects us and let us enjoy every moment no matter where we are. The digital world has opened the ways from e-invites, zoom weddings, and more that are a more sustainable and eco-friendly option.

Capture the pictures from zoom of your friends all dressed up to deliver individual performance followed by a toast. Here is your best wedding photographer in Lucknow capturing the toast, zoom videos, and photos to brighten up your wedding and collecting all these bundles of joy.

Small weddings are not a boring affair instead they are more fun and gorgeous with close friends and family. The wedding ceremonies with lesser people are breathtaking and allows the photographer team to capture every individual striking pose or making videos.

 Safety is a priority in weddings make sure your simple affair doesn’t create any impact on one’s health. Make sure the hospitality staff, make-up artists, caterers, and other people are wearing gloves, face shields, and sanitized regularly. Social distancing should be adequately practiced at the wedding no matter the size of the wedding. The wedding set-up should be clean and more focused on the safe and secure deliverable to the general public.