October 2, 2022

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Looking for a Virtual Platform? Read What Our Experts Have in Store for You

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In this technology-driven world, virtual events are not new and are emerging like a buzz in the market. Virtual platforms are successfully providing ample opportunities to their users, to host the event virtually according to the requirement of attendees. A virtual event platform is a digital platform that allows you to replicate the event experience online. Virtual events are very similar to physical events except they are digitally present to their attendees. A good virtual event platform should provide an unforgettable experience to its attendees. Following are the features that should be considered while selecting a digital platform for an event.


A digital platform should give users an option to customize their platform according to their requirements. It means users can select the background, logos, and colors of their online platform according to their own choice. Organizers can customize web rooms, can modify the website of the events and they can also use templates of email of their own choice. 


Irrespective of the size of an event a good digital event platform should organize all kinds of events. In short, from a small conference to an extensive event it should be able to handle all sorts of events. Mixhubb is one of the leading digital event platforms which is successfully handling all types of events. 


A digital event platform should provide security from online hacking and other threats to its users. Digital events also need safety concerns and measures to take care of, so that organizers can host their online events without any concerns.


A digital event platform that is simple, easily accessible, user friendly, and should not require any specific parameters to operate is generally what organizers prefer when selecting a digital event platform. The digital event platform should have clear and easy instructions for its clients, apart from these guide videos, along with an email and call support system that will act as the cherry on the cake for its users.

Pocket friendly:

Before organizing an online event it is mandatory to establish the budget, it will enable you to choose the right plan offered by various digital event platforms for your events according to your budget. An event platform should not only focus on large organizations only, it should also consider plans for small firms, so that small businesses can also host online events to allure global customers that too without any limitation.

Registration with social media pages:

With the increasing number of social media users it is very important for every online event platform that it should focus on easy accessibility via different social media platforms. An attendee should be able to register directly for an event using his own social media handles like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. 

Audience engagement:

To avoid fatigue, organizers generally prefer to opt for platforms that are more engaging and interactive, which provides opportunities for its attendees to become part of the event. Audio-video text one-to-one chats, feedback for the event, games, and live polls are some amazing features that allure more attendees to an event. Uses of interactive tools like live polls and Q&A promote two-way communication and can make events more interesting and fun-filled. Along with this, it enables introverted attendees to participate in such events and lets them feel engaged with the events and their content. 


An online digital platform should provide flexible opportunities to organizers so that they can promote desired brands and can reach the maximum targeted audience. A virtual event platform provides online space for exhibitors who are participating in the event to promote their goods and services by posting videos, audios, chats, logos, graphics, etc. 

Real-time customer support:

A dedicated backend support system is very crucial for a successful event. Every attendee wants to access such platforms which provide instant support or solutions for their problems. A strong backstage team is like the backbone of every successful company, it can help you to reach new attendees as well as retain old ones. 


This feature is a must-have feature for all digital event platforms because planners make things very easy, plannable, and save time and money. Extra efforts are not required to plan events. Right from the registration for an event by itself to promotions on various social media platforms and recording feedback, this feature enables planners to automate all the processes of the event.

Networking functions:

This feature of a virtual event platform motivates the attendees in various discussions during the event by creating a network table. Features such as AI matchmaking allow attendees of the same interest to connect with each other. To make attendees feel safe and secure, uninterrupted video conferencing and group calls should be allowed so they can have one on one interactions according to their desire.

Real-time analytics:

A good digital event platform should provide you with a feature of keeping an eye on or tracking the activity of each attendee. It should give dashboard access to its organizers so that the host can analyze the complete event from the beginning to the end, and calculate several factors, including the number of attendees per session.

Easy Onboarding:

Registration to the virtual event should be an easy process, a complicated registration process may result in losing the presence of attendees. There should be an interface that is easily accessible to everyone. Apart from this, language should not be a barrier for attendees from various geographical locations.

With the above-mentioned features, the selection of a virtual event platform becomes very easy. A virtual event platform should be Customizable, Self-managed, scalable, easy to access, secure, pocket-friendly, should have features to engage attendees, full-filled, easy to onboard, can give vision to your brand, and most importantly it should make you feel like you’re physically present at the venue of the event. So what are you waiting for? Go for only that digital platform that has all the features which are mentioned above.

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