6 Clip-In Extensions Styles that’ll Give You Stunning Looks

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Hairstyles play an important role in your overall look. Celebrities have long given us a run for our money with the statement hairstyles they usually have. As I’m sure many women will agree we love looking for new, beautiful, and creative hairstyles that we can wear.

There are different kinds of hair extensions with many different Hair Texture that you can use. However, clip-ins are the best if you desire to get that fabulous hair you’ve always wanted. Clip-ins are cheap as compared to other types of hair extensions. They are less expensive but are made of high quality products. 

Clip-in is a group of hair that is clipped to your real hair at the root. Today we are going to learn about the different kinds of hairstyles that you can rock when wearing clip-in extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions Styles That Will Make You Look Stunning

  1. Braided Hair Extensions

Braids are now the new norm. They have transformed hairstyles as they can now be worn to complement any outfit.  If you are attending a wedding or any other formal gathering and you want to look elegant, then this hairstyle would be the best choice. 

To enhance the look, you can add some flowery clips or diamonds on the hair.

  1. The Half Ponytail
Ariana Grande Hairstyles : High ponytail, Half up half down ...

We all know about the half ponytail hairstyle which the likes of Arianna Grande and Khloe Kardashian love wearing. The half ponytail is renowned for being an adorable, simple, and pretty style. If you want to bring out the girly side of you, then this would be the perfect hairstyle. To attain this look, you need to attach the clip in hair extensions on your hair and tie your hair into a ponytail.

  1. Intricate Bun
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You can flaunt the length of your hair by swirling it around in a bun and accessorizing it. You can add floral accessories if you want to attain a stunning traditional or modern look. Some of the accessories that you can use include hair clips or artificial roses.

  1. Loose Curls
Easy Loose Curls Hair Tutorial

Loose Curls is one of the classiest hairstyles that you can pull using high quality extensions. You do not need to visit the salon to attain this look. You can do it yourself from the comfort of your home. Some of the accessories you can use on this hairstyle include a headband or hair pins to secure loose hair pieces.

  1. Ponytail Ad On
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This is another form of a ponytail, but it’s more glamorous than the half ponytail. You can rock this hairstyle in wedding parties, dinner dates, seminars, or any other social event. You cannot rock this hairstyle with your natural hair as it needs lots of volume to achieve a great look. You can get high quality Wigs and clip them on your hair to attain this stunning look.

  1. Boho Hairstyles
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Boho hairstyles are trendy, and they can make you look both edgy and youthful at the same time. You can leave out some strands of hair to get that sexy look. Also, you can add silver jewelry to complete the look.

Hairstyles can make or break your image. That is why it’s vital to choose hair extensions of high quality that will beautify and add volume to your hair.

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