5 famous temples in Bangalore :

The IT hub in India, Bangalore is also having 1000’s of temples both old and new. There are few temples that are built-in the 10th century. If you love architecture or if you are religious then you will love to visit these 5 famous temples in Bangalore.

You can rent a taxi in Bangalore and travel to these places easily. This all located in the city, in the weekend you can visit to free up your mind from busy work schedules and worship the traditional Dravidian architectural style gods and mesmerize the architecture of the temple.

The Chokkanathaswamy Temple

Located close to the airport and this temple is the oldest temple in Bengaluru. The temple was built in the 10th century and is dedicated to lord Vishnu. The temple is constructed in true Chola style of architecture and has Tamil inscriptions on the pillars. The main attraction of this temple is the big sculpted pillars of the temple. On the pillar, one can see the Dasavatar of Lord Vishnu.

Dodda Basavana Gudi (The Bull Temple)

Another old temple in Bangalore situated in south Bangalore, it was built in the year 1537 by the local ruler. The temple is to worship bull the demi shaped Hindu god, and is said to be made of single granite rock. This temple is the biggest temple in the world for nandi temple as it is whopping 15 ft tall in height and 20 feet in length. There is also a Lord Ganesha statue nearby which is also worshipped on special days. You can visit this temple from 6 am to 12 pm & 5.30 pm to 9 pm and worship lord nandi.

Dodda Ganesha Temple

This monolithic Ganesha statue is great and is 18 ft in height and 16 ft in width. The Ganapati is popularly known as Shakthi Ganapati or Satya Ganapati.this temple is located in the Dodda Basavana Gudi temple complex. The idol is covered with various decorations on each day of weeks as it gets different avatars. In the avatar of Benne Alankara, the idol is drenched with 100 kgs of Butter. It generally happens at Ganesh festivals. You can visit this temple from 6 am to 12 pm & 5 30 pm to 9 pm every day.

The ISKCON Bangalore

The ISKON Bangalore is also called Sri Radha Krishna Chandra Temple. this temple is situated in Hare Krishna Hill at West Chord road. The ISKON temple in Bangalore is Vaishnavism’s largest temple in the world. In this temple, there are mainly four gods idol situated Sri Sri Radha Krishnachandra, Sri Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga, Sri Srinivasa Govinda and Sri Prahlada Narasimha, deities worship this four god in this temple. The temple is designed in classic Neo style with glass canopy which looks very beautiful.
Inside the temple area, there is a Vedic museum, an exhibition area, and a lecture hall, here learning seasons about Lord Krishna’s life is being taught. The temple also offers lodging facilities for devotees.
You can visit this temple from 4:15 AM to 5:00 AM; 7:15 AM to 1:00 PM; 4:00 PM to 8:20 PM every day.

Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple

This temple is made out of a cave in rock cut architecture in the 9th century, the temple made out of a single rock. The temple is primarily dedicated to Lord Shiva. In the entrance you can see idol of Nandi. there is also a rare sculpture of the fire god Agni, with this two head, three legs and seven hands. The temple observes maximum crowd in Shivratri. On Makara Sankaranti day devotees beleived that at a particular moment in the evening the sun’s rays fall directly on the Shivalinga inside the cave.
You can visit this temple from 7.30 AM to 12.00 pm and again from 5 PM to 8.30 PM every day.

This five temple is a major temple attraction in Bangalore. You can book any outstation cab and visit these places.

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