Top 10 Fat-Burning Exercises With Bumper Plate

At the point when you lead a buzzing lifestyle, staying fit on top of all the other things appears to be incomprehensible. It is not always important that fat-consuming exercises only include heavyweight loading or tiring exercise routine. Although, fat-consuming activities are famously based around long runs, extended strolls and broad cardio meetings. A simple workout in the right way with just a bumper plate is enough. 

According to a recent survey, resistance training is substantially more effective in capitalizing on your exercise. As far as building muscle as well as for getting more fit as well. 

What’s more, by downplaying the hardware and intricacy, preparing following a difficult day at work is significantly more agreeable than a few hours spent at the exercise centre or going around in obscurity. 

10 Fat Burning Exercises (Using Bumper Plates)

Here are some of the best bumper plate exercises that you can do at home and with home gym equipment. 

Bumper Plate Sit Ups

Bumper plate exercise sit-ups target your lower and upper abs. This exercise requires an inclined seat and a bumper plate. 

Steps to follow:

  • Lay straight on an inclined seat on your back with your feet got. 
  • Hold the bumper plate above your chest with extended arms
  • After having the position, try to sit on the bench while holding a bumper plate with extended arms.
  • The bumper plate will uprise due to the push of your body, then get back to the initial position.
  • The weight plate ought to consistently be hung on expanded arms. 

Forward Lunge and Twist

What’s a thrust without a contort? Not just holding the weight plate or bumper plate for adding resistance is enough, but moving around with the weight plate is what you need to do.

Steps to follow:

  • Hold the bumper before your chest on twisted arms. 
  • Keep your right foot ahead into a thrust while at the same time turning through your trunk, contorting the plate to one side. 
  • Step back to focus and afterwards rehash with your left leg, winding the plate to one side. 
  • Make a point to keep your middle upstanding and weight in your front foot’s impact point. 

Weight Plate Chop 

This conventional cross-body practice turns out to be extra troublesome when performed with a bumper plate because of the hold required. Weight plate wood chop exercise mainly targets the upper and lower abs of your body. 

Steps to follow:

  • Start by holding the weight plate before your chest on twisted arms.
  • Twist your left leg and uplift the bumper plate to your right side, the bumper plate should be overhead. 
  • Then, turn the right foot, and bring down the bumper plate to your left making a diagonal.
  • Remember to make a semi-squat position while bringing down the bumper plate to your left.

As this is a ‘solitary sided’ workout, make certain to do the reps on the two sides! One side will see you turning and squeezing overhead on the left, and the other will see you turning and squeezing overhead on the right. 

Bumper Plate Side Bends 

Side curves give an incredible exercise to your midriff as they adequately focus on the sides of your centre. The test is not to permit your arms to help you by any stretch of the imagination – surrender everything profoundly. 

Steps to Follow:

  • Hold a bumper plate in one hand and keep your hips in a position, slightly bend aside, bringing down the weight plate down that side of your body. 
  • When you feel a stretch through the contrary side of your centre, pull back up to focus. 
  • Rehash all redundancies on one side before evolving sides. 

Russian Twists with Bumper Plate

This is a great exercise for core strengthening, including your lower abs and obliques. The Russian twist is more emphasized with a bumper plate as it is larger than a kettlebell.

Steps to Follow:

  • Sit straight on a gym mat and keep your knees bent.
  • Raise the bumper plate, bring it close to your chest, and lift your feet off the floor. 
  • Do not let the bumper plate touch the surface and start moving it to one side of your body.
  • Change the side and move the bumper plate.
  •  Keeping your feet facing forward.
  • Repeat as many times as you can.

Sumo Squat with Bumper Plate

It is an incredible exercise for hitting your glutes and adductors! 

Steps to Follow:

  • Hold a bumper plate on broadened arms before you. 
  • Your feet ought to be over shoulder-width separated. 
  • With your knees following your toes, drop down into a sumo squat, bringing down the weight plate towards the ground, in the middle of your knees. 
  • Hold briefly, then effectively remain back up and press your glutes at the highest development point. 

Bumper Plate Calf Raises 

For this one, the bumper plate is answerable for assisting your scope of movement. If you approach bumper plates pair, you can utilize one for your base (to remain on) and one for added protection from (hold). 

Steps to Follow:

  • Place a bumper plate on the floor and remain on it with the front of your feet
  • You can either hold a bumper plate against your chest.
  • Bring down your heels towards the floor
  • Push back up onto your toes, feeling your calves completely contract. 
  • Hold briefly in this top situation before getting back to the beginning position. 

Bumper Plate Floor Press 

The floor press will work your chest, rear arm muscles and shoulders – this makes it the ideal chest area to work out! 

Steps to follow:

  • Lay down on the floor with your stomach facing the ceiling and keens twisted
  • Keep your feet on the floor
  • Hold the bumper plate on completely broadened arms over your chest. 
  • Lower down the bumper plate down towards your chest by twisting at the elbows and get it on the ground. 
  • Again raise the bumper plate until your arms are completely broadened. 

Bent-Over Row 

In case you’re comfortable with a barbell twisted around the column, this rendition is a lot of something similar, aside from the way that you’re holding a weight plate. This activity focuses on your back and biceps, principally. 

Steps to follow:

  • Pivoted at the hips with a slight twist in your knees, hold a weight plate on broadened arms beneath your middle. 
  • Keeping a nonpartisan spine, pull the load up towards your chest by twisting your elbows. 
  • Have your shoulder bones withdrew at the highest point of the development. 
  • Hold here for the count of 2 preceding your return to the beginning position. 

Bumper Plate Overhead Press 

This will work excellent for your shoulder strength. 

Steps to follow:

  • Keep your feet hip-width separated, and hold a weight plate on twisted arms simply above chest tallness. 
  • Draw in your centre to keep a nonpartisan spine, then, at that point, push the weight plate overhead until your arms are broadened. 
  • Guarantee that the capricious stage (the way down) is slow and controlled and that you are not inclining excessively far back. 


Bumper plate exercises are a great method to change up your preparation and shock your body a bit. There are many bumper plate practices that you can accomplish for all pieces of your body, and this weight plate exercise is an extraordinary illustration of some of them. The good news is one more rep hi-tech bumper plates are an excellent option for all the fat burning exercises mentioned above.