Features And Benefits Of WordPress

WordPress is the largest open-source and free Content Management System (CMS) that was first launched in 2003 as a blog-publishing system. Over the years, WordPress has updated and evolved to support other functions like creating and maintaining mailing lists and Internet fora, membership sites, media galleries, Learning Management Systems (LMS), online stores, etc. This platform is a powerful destination that stores content and enables users to generate and publish web pages efficiently. WordPress is written in Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) language and is paired with MySQL or the MariaDB database with supported HTTPS. This platform supports plugins and offers a plethora of ready-to-use templates to make the work of the developers easier. WordPress has emerged as the largest CMS platform and is increasingly used by web developers. Therefore, aspiring developers must consider joining WordPress Online Training in India to learn more about this robust platform and enhance their web development skills. 

This section explains the different features and benefits of the WordPress CMS platform. Read on to know more. 

Features Of WordPress

Let us look at the major features of WordPress that make this CMS platform a favorite among web content developers. 

  • WordPress is a simple and flexible platform.
  • WordPress supports easy publishing of content and offers several publishing tools.
  • WordPress provides efficient user management and media management facilities to users.
  • WordPress provides standards compliance to ensure that the websites generated on WordPress are compatible with the next-generation browsers.
  • WordPress offers an easy theme system, supports plugin extensions, and provides in-built comments. 
  • WordPress is Search Engine Optimized
  • WordPress supports other languages.

Benefits Of WordPress

Let us look at the different benefits of the WordPress CMS platform.

  • WordPress Is Flexible And Adaptable 

The WordPress CMS platform is highly flexible and adaptable. This makes it easier for web content developers to use this platform to create unique content and design their websites as per the requirements. 

  • WordPress Is User-Friendly

WordPress has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for the website developer to work on their web content. Additionally, this CMS platform is easy to learn and use, thus making WordPress well-suited for beginners. 

  • WordPress Themes Offer Multiple Options

WordPress has the Themes feature that offers different website appearance options. These themes are ready-to-use and can be used by website developers to make their websites look more professional. 

  • WordPress Supports Plugins Extend

The WordPress CMS platform offers multiple plugins that allow website developers to add specialised features, contact forms, galleries, shopping carts, etc. 

  • Sites Developed On WordPress Rank High

WordPress is Search Engine Optimized. Therefore, the websites created on WordPress rank higher in the search browsers and make it more beneficial and profitable for the developers and owners.   

  • WordPress Sites Are Mobile Responsive

WordPress offers many themes and tools to help website developers create websites that are responsive on both desktops and mobiles. This facilitates better SEO ranking of the websites. 

  • WordPress Sites Have Built-In Blogs

WordPress offers a Blog feature to enable users to add a built-in blog to their websites. This allows the website owners to add an announcement to their website easily. 

  • WordPress Has A Large Community Support

WordPress is a massive CMS platform and has large community support. The WordPress community includes numerous bloggers, website developers, content creators, etc., who work and support each other’s works. 


To sum up, WordPress is the largest Content Management System (CMS) that supports easy website development. Today, WordPress has emerged as the go-to platform for web content creators and offers a number of tools, themes, and plugins to make it easy for users to create and maintain websites, mailing lists, Internet fora, membership sites, media galleries, Learning Management Systems (LMS), online stores, etc. Due to a large demand for WordPress skills, numerous institutes offer WordPress Course in Delhi to help aspiring web content creators and company owners learn to use WordPress and make the best use of this CMS platform to develop efficient websites. WordPress is a simple and flexible platform that supports easy publishing of content. WordPress is Search Engine Optimized. Therefore, the websites created on WordPress rank higher in the search browsers. Furthermore, this CMS platform is extremely user-friendly and offers Themes to provide various ready-to-use website templates. The websites created on WordPress are mobile responsive and are compatible with next-generation browsers. This platform has a large community of users who mutually support each other in their work.

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