When you begin your organization, for helping the society with noble and pure intentions and only a few donors, the data is manageable on Excel sheets. But as the time goes by, your organization grows leading to an increase in the number of donors, making it difficult to manage everything on spreadsheets. This is when you need to implement a CRM system for your nonprofit organization. You can totally change the way your organization works if you choose the most suitable Nonprofit CRM Solutions. 

The features of CRM that prove to be beneficial for your organization have been enunciated in this article :

Donor profile and Reporting

CRM helps you in managing supporter information wholly, through recording their basic information, the groups they are part of, or any other important records. It enables you to track their data, keep an eye on fundraising, record donor interactions and track these interactions, combined in a well formed database. Further, a Nonprofit CRM software’s job isn’t just to keep track of donor data only from one source, but also from various other sources.

So, in this manner you can generate quick reports based on the chosen KPIs. Also, you can get deep insights about your donors to personalize your campaigns in an even better way.

Streamlined donation management 

CRMs provide built in and customizable web forms to keep tabs on the donations made by people, when someone inputs their data in the form, CRM stores it automatically. 

Say bye to manual and tedious Data entry! and Welcome Streamlined data!

Automation and Integration 

Non profit CRM software provides smoother workflow through automation of data, even email can be automated. Automation helps in converting long and tiresome work into an easy one, and lets you send bulk emails at the same time with a few clicks.

Integration also makes your work easier and efficient by synchronizing all data into one place, and smoothens the movement of data within different departments. 

Event management 

It is very crucial for a nonprofit CRM to have event planning software.  It has all the tools you require to organize an event,e.g. enabling online registration process,  ticket designing, report generation regarding the finances. 

Volunteer management 

We all know how important the role of volunteers is in a non profit organization.  

The best nonprofit CRM helps in managing them efficiently. For example, the mode of application in order to apply for the volunteer, providing forms, assignment of tasks, keeping track of their time etc. All this is done by a CRM.

Final View

The only thing you need to do is to learn how to utilize the features of a CRM to your benefit. A lot of time is required to build relationships, events and various other activities. A good CRM definitely takes some burden off your shoulders and provides you a lot of time to focus more on things that can’t be performed by any software. Hoping this article proved to be beneficial for you.